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Is This Love? Part 1 School Love Story

School Love Story in English | sad love story

School Love Story:-“Brother, you also come together. You know, I don’t go anywhere without you. And by the way, you remember, you were also with me while proposing Khushboo.

so today I am going to hang out with her. So you too should go with me. Please, let’s move along… “Abhishek almost said while praying to me.

On that day, Abhishek had a plan to visit Rajgir with his girlfriend Khushboo.

from the time of the plan, Abhishek had been insisting on taking me with him. But I always wanted to stay away from the cycles of movement of these girls.

I did not want to leave all my work and education and go all the time behind these girls. But my friend or just say that my room partner Abhishek has been very much interested in these girls from the beginning. We are both childhood friends.

School Love Story in English | sad love story

Both of us have studied from class nursery to graduation. From the same college and the same school and today, I am in the same room together and preparing for competition. In the competition coaching, Abhishek met Khushboo. As sweet as the name Khushboo was, her face was beautiful as well. She was completely different from other girls.

School Love Story | sad love story

Her behavior is absolutely perfect. She was also a good girl in reading and writing. It may have been the reason that Abhishek started liking her, otherwise,

I have known Abhishek since childhood, he never even used to give emotion to girls.

When Abhishek told me that he had started liking Khushboo, I made him his broken courage and I had made Mohanbatein’s Shah Rukh Khan sermon and made him Majnu.

Even while giving his love letter, or say, I was also with him while proposing, otherwise this fucking ‘phatu give her a love letter? He will never exchange until copy. Well, this thing has become very old.

That day while I was sleeping, he wanted to take me along with his girlfriend Khushboo in the mountain Litigants of Rajgir. Abhishek is the sweetest true friend of my childhood who often accompanied me during my bad and good times.
Finally that day I agreed to go on a Rajgir tour with Abhishek.

School Love Story in English | sad love story

School Love Story in English | sad love story

“It’s great to see you coming with me”
 Abhishek told me while boarding the bus.

 On the bus, I, Abhishek, and Abhishek’s girlfriend Khushboo were sitting on the back seat of the bus. A middle-aged man sat next to me who was playing Pawan Singh’s Bhojpuri song “Chhalkata Hamro Jawaniya A Raja” on YouTube in his Micromax Android phone.

We thought that after sitting us, perhaps this uncle would reduce the volume of his phone and start listening to the song, but nothing like this happened. After we sit the completion of one song, he used to start other songs, and Most of the song was Bhojpuri.

In between the music of these Bhojpuri songs, Abhishek and Abhishek’s girlfriend Khushboo started their conversation. Both of them looked quite happy. At this time, both of their faces were becoming fit to be captured in a DSLR camera.

I looked like a bone in the kebab(mutton-chop) between these two smiles. I was neither speaking anything nor both of them were giving me any chance to speak.
                 When a boy is sitting with a girl or just like a boy is sitting with his girlfriend, I do not think another person will need to speak in the middle of them.

A boyfriend-girlfriend is a creature who has nothing to do with worldliness.
 Before leaving the room and boarding the bus, I was with Abhishek, but after the arrival of the Khushboo, I became an anonymous person.

School Love Story in English | sad love story

School Love Story

They used to talk among themselves and laugh among themselves and I used to smile from my side sometimes like a fool.

 I did not even want to get into the conversation between these two, and I started shaking my head slowly with the music of Bhojpuri songs of Khesari Lal. I was enjoying, then I was looking around the streets.

We had reached the bus stop in Rajgir while looking or say thinking something. Our way was over. The bus had stopped at the bus stop but the conversation of Abhishek and Khushboo was not over yet but was flowing like the streams of an infinite number of running rivers.

Along with the three of us, Mobile uncle also got off the bus. He was carrying a cloth (bag) in which two long and long cucumbers were kept. The length of which was 1-2 feet long, due to which half of the cucumber was visible from the cloth.
 He got out on his way and we got on our way and then we started waiting for the carriage(टमटम) person on the road.

We will upload its next part soon in our next post, so stay tuned till that……

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Love Story



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