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School Love Story Part – 3 | Sad love story

A sad love story which makes you cry

sad love story:- On that day, I had spoken to Abhishek that I will never message or talk to Neha, but I do not know that when Neha’s message came in the same evening, I could not stop myself from replying. I kept replying to her message and talking – Neha proposes to me the next day.

Brother, I am a boy, and if such a beautiful girl proposes to God, then even God will not be able to deny her, how can I deny? And why would I deny her, I liked her. Even I was the one to propose her. It was a good grace of God that Neha proposed to me.

I accepted Neha’s proposal without losing time and in return I also replied to I love you too very much. Then there was such bonding of love between us that now without telling Abhishek, and went to Rajgir on the pretext of going to his house and started meeting Neha.

Sometimes a family restaurant, sometimes Gitanjali restaurant, sometimes the Godavari and sometimes Vrindavan Hotel. I don’t know how many times we both spent time with each other.

sad love story which make you cry– True sad love story in English

sad love story

sad love story, sad love story in english, very sad love story

        Everything was going well among us. Then suddenly I started feeling like this. Man, now Neha is starting to give me low importance. Don’t know what could be causing this. I tried to know this and then I started to feel like, maybe Abhishek was right.

Neha has a boyfriend who works in the army. Now perhaps there was too much involved in it. When I asked this to Neha, she confessed very easily.
“Yes, I have a boyfriend Kundan and he works in the army” Neha said without fear or without hesitation.

“If you already have a boyfriend then why are you doing all this with me?” I spoke to Neha

School Love Story Part – 3 | Sad love story

 “Rajiv, how are you talking too? Rajiv I like you. Yes I agree that I have a boyfriend and I am in a relationship with him too. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. “Neha has said.

“Neha, you are not only me but you are also cheating on your boyfriend Kundan”. I spoke in a bit of anger.
“Kundan is in the Army due to which he does not get much leave and he did not come to meet for the last 6 months. I came with you because of that loneliness.” Neha finished her talk by touching my hand.

“Neha, how can you do this with someone’s feeling? Why did you make fun of my feeling? What was my fault in that?” I said

I was feeling very lonely at that time for a few days and in this loneliness I met you and I came close to you” Neha said.

“You used me for your selfishness, you are one number bi**h,” I spoke in anger.

sad love story which make you cry– True sad love story in English

sad love story in english

“Rajiv enough Don’t cross your limit, I am still silent It does not mean that I cannot answer you. And yes, listen with an open ear, I have not only benefited from getting close to you but you have also benefited.

After all, you too have enjoyed with me. And stop this sentimental drama of love. I have given you what a boy wants. ” This time Neha spoke her finger on my side.

 At that time I was disgusted with myself, how could my choice be so fallen. I fell in love with a girl whom I love? Words like love also had nothing to do. She loved me only to overcome his loneliness and hunger for the body.

School Love Story Part – 3 | Sad love story

“Look Rajiv, if you feel that I am playing with your feeling then I apologize for this. But don’t ever think that I love Kundan, then I will not love you anymore.

If you ever want to call me or if you need me, you can come to my room at any time and yes, As much as the right belongs to my boyfriend Kundar on my body, the right is also yours on my body. You can use it whenever you want.

” Neha said all this very easily as if it were a normal thing.
At that time I was getting less angry and more surprised, how could a girl be so shameless, unconscious.

So Rajiv what’s the plan for tomorrow? Should I book a hotel room with OYO (Oyo) or come to your room? But yes this time does not bring Protection. This time I want to feel you…. Neha got a loud slap on her cheek before speaking any further.

“Bi*ch, AssH**e … Don’t do prostitutes in front of me. I loved you like a good girl and you, uhhhhhhhhh. Now I am also disgusted thinking about you.

                                       After that incident I moved from Patna to my village for a few days to normalize myself. I also remembered Neha’s words and the moment I spent there with her and sometimes I cursed myself because of her antics. After all, how did I get into the relationship of that dirty girl?

                    One day I was sitting on the terrace watching some videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, I got a call from an unknown number on my mobile.

School Love Story Part – 3 | Sad love story

very sad love story

sad love story, sad love story in english, very sad love story

“Hello, who is there?” I said
“Rajiv speak?”
 “Yes, but who are you?”
 “I am Kundan. Do you know Neha?” Sound was coming from the phone.

After listening to Kundan’s name, I got a little bit shocked, then I understood that this is Kundan Neha’s boyfriend. I started wondering why her boyfriend called me?
“Which Neha?” I spoke a little bit
“The one in whose relationship you were.” This time his voice was a bit harsh.
“First let me tell you that I am not in any relationship and secondly I do not know any Neha,” I spoke in clear words.

“Look don’t be smarter, I am well aware of Neha and your relationship. I have not called you to meet or refuse to call her. I have no problem with this. If Neha cheats with me, what should I explain to you?

sad love story which make you cry– True sad love story in English

I trusted her a lot, but she only broke my trust, then what to expect from you, Just call you to explain it, Do not blame me for your sins that are developing in Neha’s stomach And take care of Neha and your own sins. Kundan said these things almost angrily to me.

I could not understand what was he saying? Is Neha pregnant? Even if Neha is pregnant, how can I be responsible for her?

“You have some misunderstanding Kundan. Nothing has happened between us … Yes, it is true that we know each other. We were just a good friend.” I said

“Don’t try to think of me as an idiot,” Kundan said.
“Can you meet me?” I said
“Yes off course.”
“So we meet tomorrow at 9:00 am near Central Public School.” I disconnected the call after speaking so much.

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true sad love story in english

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