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School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

Sad love stories:-The next day we were sitting in the sports field of the Central Public School at exactly 9:00 am.
I told the whole story about myself and Neha’s relationship with Kundan. And I think I also managed to explain it correctly.

“So you say that you always used protection while having sex,” Kundan said.
“Yes” I said once again while shaking the neck.
“The child in her stomach is not yours and also not mine! because I have not met her for almost 7 months. And the child is growing in her stomach for around 140 days. Then who is his father?” Kundan said with some mind.

“But how did you know that the child in her stomach is around 140 days old?” Has Neha told you? “I said.

School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

“No, she hasn’t told me anything yet. She is pressuring me to marry her. She wants both of us to get married as soon as possible so that the child’s father can be made me”
“Then how did you know?”

“Whenever I came to Bihar from duty, I used to first go to her hostel to meet. This time I bought an iPhone for her and went to her hostel without telling her to surprise her. She had two keys, one she kept with herself, and the other key was hidden on top of the door.

By the way, she kept the key out for me so that I could go and rest in her room in the absence of her. This time too, I went straight to her hostel. When I went to her room, there was a pregnancy medical report on her study table. I saw Neha’s name, age, and address written on it.

My senses were blown away after seeing this. I took a photo of that report from my mobile and kept the report as it was and sat on the other side. After some time I heard Neha coming back “Kundan said.

“Kundan you? Wow! How suddenly You would have told me earlier I would come to pick you up at the bus stop. Neha had come in the room and said in surprise.” Kundan said.

School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

There was both fear and surprise on her face. I tried to show myself normal there in some way, and I did not talk about that medical report test. Then after a while he picked up a large book containing the Lucent publication and tried to cover that medical report.

I was looking at her diagonally. After that Neha picked up the medical report and book together and put it in her books containing Almira.

then, she sat near me and started talking. After a few minutes she started kissing my lips. But I was not in the mood to do anything at that time. I wanted to ask her about that report at the same time, but I did not do so.

Then  I somehow spent that night with her and left in the morning. After being evacuated from there, I reached the address giving the medical report.

“Is this report provided by you? ”Talked to the doctor there?” I talked to the doctor there.
“Yes” said a doctor there.

School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

Showing the picture of Neha, I asked – “Did this girl come for the test?”
At first, the doctor refused to tell, but I somehow took information from him and it was confirmed that this is Neha’s pregnancy test report.
“This girl was accompanied by a boy.” The doctor said.
“Boy? …” I said to myself.

“I requested the staff and doctors of that hospital that can you show the CCTV footage of that day. The hospital had two large CCTV cameras on the door and the seating area of ​​the patients. I have told him about myself, I am in the army.

Perhaps that was the reason he did not refuse to show the footage and showed the footage of that day. In that footage, I see you and then I took out 90 days of call details of Neha’s Jio number from her own mobile phone from Myjio Apps

I took out 90 days of call details and transferred it to my email. After that I looked closely at his call details, in 90 days, the most calls are on your number. I used True Caller to know your name and Then searched that number in the search bar of Facebook, then your profile came out, after seeing the two of you together in a photo on your Facebook timeline, I understood that you guys are definitely in a relationship. ” Kundan ended his talk by saying this.

School Love Story Part – 4 | Sad Love Stories

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“Yes, I remember well, a few days before the breakup I went to that hospital with Neha. But not for a pregnancy test but her stomach was getting tight. After going there, I was sitting in the waiting room in the hospital, and she had met the doctor and after waiting for 1-2 hours she came out. “I said.

“So good you made a new story,” Kundan told me

 “I am telling the truth. I did not know that day that she was going to get a pregnancy test. She told me that she is ill, so I went there. If I knew she would have to get a pregnancy test, I would never go with her and Why do I go? I would have had a breakup with her at the same time because ……. well! What to say? You are not sure of my words. ” I spoke with sadness.

 “Look Rajiv, I will not do any stupid act here and I am not even angry with you that you have done wrong to my girlfriend. Man, I am true to Neha… Man, I really loved Neha and I was also going to marry her. The family members had almost agreed.

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sad love story



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