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Is This Love? Part – 2 School Romantic Love Story

Is This Love? Part – 2 School Romantic Love Story

Romantic love story:- If you go to Rajgir and do not ride the carriage(टमटम) there, then your journey to Rajgir is considered meaningless.
 While we were waiting for the carriage(टमटम), Khushboo took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

Abhishek had told me earlier. In Rajgir, We will not be three people. We will be four people who will visit the mountains of Rajgir together.
 He had told that Khushbu’s friend Neha lives in a hostel in Rajgir. She is pursuing diploma from Indira International Polytechnic College Rajgir.

“Neha, where are you? We are standing at the Rajgir bus stop.” Khushboo said as soon as Neha got the call.

I’m also standing at the bus stand. Ok … well, I’ve seen you. You stand right there. I’m coming to you in (just) 30 seconds” The voice was coming from the phone.

A few seconds after the call was disconnected, Neha was seen pointing with hands.
she came in the yellow color top, sky-colored shrug, ankle-length jeans, and sunglasses on her eyes.

Is This Love? Part – 2 School Romantic Love Story

romantic love story

The medium rays of the sun falling on his smooth cheeks made him feel like a colorful rainbow. The winds touching her pink lips were blissfully jiggling with peepal leaves.
By the way, I was not much interested in girls.

But still after seeing her something happened in my heart. But that love did not happen, I could say it with a claim.
We climbed the carriage from there and reached the Brahm Kund of Rajgir. There, we bathed in a pool of hot water and then started walking the mountains from there.

Is This Love? Part – 2 Most Romantic Love Story

             The winds hitting Rajgir mountains, thrilled the heart. Abhishek was busy with his girlfriend Khusbhoo. He sometimes took a selfie with a Khushboo, sometimes he held hands, and sometimes stroked her hair and sometimes kissed her lips in the shade of a secluded tree. But Neha and I were left alone among them all.

I was a little shy due to which I was not able to meet any girl soon. While Neha was very frankly. She soon got mixed up with someone. And she could leave everyone behind in chattering.

We had reached close to the top of the mountains. There was not much sunshine, but still, due to fast mountain climbing, we became sweaty. And was also thirsty. When I turned my neck to the other side, there was a small slum shop in which a person was selling some goods.

I went to them and took four bottles of bislery and some pakoras-chutney to eat from there.
After breakfast, we started going to the other end of the mountain. Meanwhile, there was a very beautiful platform on which we all started sitting and taking photos.

Is This Love? Part – 2 School Romantic Love Story

love story

Among them all, my phone camera was the best. It should have been because we had an Oppo camera phone. My mobile was the choice to get everyone’s photos taken. At that time it seemed to me

Dude, for the first time in our life, I have bought something useful, otherwise, the mother used to always say, “You are number one stupid. You don’t know how to buy anything.”

Short Romantic Love Story, – Part – 2 School Love Story

“Rajiv you take my photo from your mobile. Please….” Neha said to me.
 Neha was talking to me for the first time after so long. I started clicking Neha’s photo without answering anything. We had taken more than 200 photographs.

We had breakfast together in the evening after walking and after that, we were going to sit on the bus coming back to Patna. Meanwhile, Neha said to me “Rajiv, send me my photos.”
“Ok,” I said.
“Take note of my WhatsApp number,” Neha said giving the number.
                   At the time when Neha was giving me her WhatsApp number, Abhishek and Khushboo were not there. Both of them were asking the time table of the bus going to Patna.
                   Finally, we sat on a bus which was about to leave for Patna after about 20 minutes. After sitting on the bus, Neha took goodbye from us and went to her hostel and we went to Patna.
           I came back to Patna. I came to my room and WhatsApp to Neha, all the photos I saved in Rajgir. Then Neha also replied to me. Thanks… I also replied to his thanks by writing Welcome. After that, we all got busy with our work Or rather, all the people were busy in their studies.

love story romantic, a romantic love story

                          Then after about 1 week, Neha’s message on WhatsApp came “Hi Rajeev”
I was not very happy to see Neha’s message, yet I too – by sending “Hello”, sent it.

 Because of this hello, the conversation between us started. and this way the conversation between the two of us started on WhatsApp a week after walking together in Rajgir. For a few days, Normal chatted like a friend. But after a few days, she started sharing her personal things with me. I also started to understand him more than a friend, but at that time it did not seem that I fell in love with her.
Now in addition to WhatsApp’s message from her, calls were being made for hours. But Abhishek and Khushboo had no idea about it. He did not know that after Rajgir we both started talking and chatting with each other on WhatsApp.

Is This Love? Part – 2 School Romantic Love Story

school love Story

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In this way, we both talked about one and a half months, then suddenly one day neither received any message nor call. That day I realized that she has become something for me.

I was restless to talk to him. I was repeatedly trying to unlock my phone and see WhatsApp messages. On calling from here, her phone was telling off. I didn’t even eat that night.

Abhishek kept asking me- “Dude, what happened to you today? Why do you look so sad?”
 But I did not think it appropriate to answer his questions. Likewise, I spent that night.

As soon as I started going to Washroom to get fresh, a message came on my WhatsApp.
This message was by Neha. I was very happy to see the message. It seemed as if I had found some kind of love for years.
                 Then our conversation continued. Neha told me that her mobile phone was left at a friend’s party that night, due to which she had to go there the next day and bring back the phone.

 I also told Neha all her pain and pain because of her not talking to him. I also told her that I have not even eaten food last night due to not talking to her, and just kept thinking about you all night, missing you.

love story romantic, a romantic love story

most romantic love story

 Neha said on this – “yaar, don’t miss like this or else I will have to miss you too”
 I had also said this after listening to Neha – “So who has stopped you to miss anyone”

            After that day, the conversation between us had increased even more. One day I told my friend Abhishek- “Man, I have started liking Neha, I have fallen in love with her.”
“One minute! Are you talking about Khushbu’s friend Neha?” Abhishek said in surprise.

 “Yes man, I am talking about the same,” I said.
 “Abe Chutiye! she has a boyfriend too. And hear that his boyfriend does a job in the army, “Saale” The day his boyfriend knows this thing, he will shoot you in your ass.” Abhishek spoke in slightly louder voices.

“What do I do? I didn’t go to love her. Man, I don’t know – when I started falling in love with her, nothing was known.” I said.

“That means, you have not proposed her yet?” Abhishek asked in the eyes of doubt.
 “Yes man, I have not proposed her yet,” I said.
“If you have not proposed, then don’t even do it or else “Rolling stone gathers no moss.”
  “Brother, if Neha proposed me first then?” I said

“Look Rajiv, whatever I say will be right for you. I know that girl very well, man, that girl is not good. I will just say that you stay away from her, else you wish.” Abhishek said.
“Okay, man. I will not call or message Neha after today.” I said.

We will upload its next part soon in our next post, so stay tuned till that……

Credit:- Bihari Boys
School love Story



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