14 Day Liquid Diet Weight Loss Results: Everything you need to know 

Well, don’t you think the strategy is simple? 14 consecutive days only on liquids, losing 10 pounds is really quite impressive. Do not just clap your hand yet! Although it is true that one can drop up to 10 lbs or more after 14 days of such a restricted diet plan, you should not be overwhelmed. The fast loss of weight may come with a few bad consequences.

We all know that obesity is a very common medical condition that people suffer all over the world, and the problem has accelerated much more since a few decades ago. As a result, the consciousness of people about their health has increased too. For better health, Health-conscious people search for the right strategies to save themselves from further decay. Surprisingly, Initial success can be achieved, reducing extra fat of the body, which is exactly what one can expect from a 14-day liquid diet program, but the real fact, according to the study, is that maintaining that weight loss is tough.

However, with proper planning and advice from an experienced medical expert, one can avoid adverse effects that could pop up after the restricted period, and maintain weight loss.

Why is it Tough to Maintain Weight Loss?

Just after 14 days of the restricted diet, the body starts accumulating more calories at a much faster rate than before. Loss of muscle mass is inevitable, If protein intake was very low then necessary. A few other consequences could be reduced bone stability, greater appetite and calorie intake. People start eating more. On the other hand, a lack of protein may also lead to sugar imbalance, affecting the overall balance of the body. Moreover, a lack of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals may lead to nerve degeneration, altered muscle coordination, and cardiovascular problems. As a result, you may find it difficult to maintain weight loss.

Advice – During the restricted period of 14 days, one should take the required amount of calories, nutrients, and protein according to the suggestions from an experienced medical/herbal professional. It is also necessary to maintain exercise so that muscles can run themselves with a low amount of protein.

How Does a Liquid Diet Work?

Why do people become obese? The simple answer is, they work less and eat more. Environment, genetics, medication, and stress are also contributing factors, but for people who are obese, the first reason is that they accumulate more calory than they burn.

A liquid diet works by reducing calorie intake. Liquid diets carry fewer calories than do solid diets. Moreover, when people take these diets their metabolism goes normal and the body accepts and processes the foods better. That is another reason why the practitioner advises patients to take liquid diets both when patients are weak and if the patients had surgery.

What are Liquid Diets?

Liquid diets are diets that do not require biting properly such as Ice Cream. They melt just a few seconds after they are put into the mouth, conversely solid foods need to be chewed thoroughly. Liquid diets are simply fluids. See the list below.

  • Strained creamy soups
  • Tea, Juice, Jell-O, and Water
  • Milkshakes, Pudding, Popsicles
  • Fruit juices and fruit ices and popsicles
  • Butter, oil, cream, custard, and pudding
  • Plain ice cream, frozen yogurt, and many more

Types of Liquid Diets 

Each person is different in terms of their metabolism rate, calorie intake rate, and body mess so is their strategy and the types of diet they take. For someone, water fasting is easier, but for another person, it may not suit.

Meal Replacement Liquid Diet 

It is basically a replacement of a regular diet with smoothies and protein shakes. Especially people who have busy schedules can try this and maintain essential nutrients in the body. A meal replacement liquid diet can reduce up to 10 lbs within a week.

Depends only on water

First, you can’t continue water fasting for more than 3 days, that’s the highest time limit medical science permits. It is best to detox the body. People with certain risk factors such as diabetes, heart problems, and cholesterol can benefit from a short period of water fasting. Fatigue and nausea can often be the side effects, but it is a good, though temporary, strategy to drop a few extra weight.

Intermittent Fasting 

If a 14 days restrictive diet is tough for you, you can change the 14 days liquid diet plan into intermittent fasting, but in a slightly different way. Usually, in intermittent fasting, people maintain normal eating habits for 5 days, and the rest two days of a week they eat less. In the same way, 14 days restrictive can be planned as 5 days for a normal liquid diet and the rest 2 days, an extra glass of protein and calories can be added but make sure not to eat any solid food.

Clear Liquid Diet 

Read the list, we have mentioned earlier, in which we define what liquids are? Only liquid diets during 14 days are quite tough to follow and the most restricted diet plan. A clear liquid diet helps clear intestinal garbage. During this period juice, tea, clear broth, and water are your major diets. These diets will help you lose extra lbs than anything else.

Positive Results After 14 Days

Are you going to get married and want to change your appearance?  ‘Jokes a Part’, If yes 14 days liquid should be your strategy. Although the most restricted diet plan, it is quite easy to start and get the result within a very short period of time. Since our gut system needs to be relaxed after the constant pressure of food, liquid diets clean the system and make it more efficient. Finally, they are cheap and save a lot of time.

Negative Results After 14 Days

Hunger pangs are very difficult to avoid. And, in some cases, if the person already has any medical condition, following this strategy could exacerbate the condition. Moreover, Weight loss is often temporary. Dehydration, headache, bad breath, and fatigue could be the side effects. Moreover, nutrient deficiencies are another consequence that could happen. To avoid such things, proper procedures and the right suggestions from experienced practitioners should be followed. 

Final Suggestions 

The best strategy to lose weight is to go slow. You know what? The more you slow the more smooth you are and the faster you will be able to go.  a 14 days strategy may give you a quick result, but bad events such as nutrients and protein deficiency could take place. Choosing the appropriate diet, regular exercise, and reducing the number of sugary foods and snacks could give you the best and permanent result. And, of course, Act according to the suggestions from medical or herbal experts. For your help, here New York based herbalist dr.ighodalo is available. You can consult with him.

Disclaimer- This article is not a substitution for professional advice. It is intended for general information purposes. Any action you take upon the information presented is at your own risk and responsibility.