25 Cheap and Free Summer Activities for the Family

25 Cheap and Free Summer Activities for the Family

Are you looking for ways you can spend time with your family this summer without breaking the bank? You wouldn’t be alone.

If you are trying to save money this summer season, don’t worry. There are still a lot of great ways you can still have fun with your family without having to worry about the cost.

Check out this list of free summer activities that will entertain your family during the warmer months.

1. Have a Picnic

If you are trying to save money because of debt consolidation or you are refinancing, you most likely won’t want to go out to eat often this summer. Don’t let a financial situation get in the way of enjoying a fun meal with your family!

Pack up your family’s favorite treats and snacks and go to a local park or find a relaxing outdoor space to have a picnic while enjoying some fresh air.

2. Backyard Camping

Don’t let travel expenses stop you! Set up your tent in your backyard and roast marshmallows over the fire in the comfort of your own property. You will still have a fun outdoor experience with your family without having to worry about any added costs.

3. Family Sports Tournamnet

Have the ultimate day of outdoor activities with your family by setting up a sports tournament. Have your family split into teams and compete in different sports or activities.

4. Design a Treasure Hunt

Send your kids on a fun summer adventure by creating a treasure hunt in your backyard. You can hide pieces of candy for them to find or clues for a grand prize for them to discover at the end.

5. Get Creative

A great activity you can do with your family this summer is to find rocks and paint them to display in your garden. This will let your children express their artistic abilities as well as add a fun, personal touch to your yard.

6. Have a Beach Day

When the weather gets warmer, one of the most fun and free summer activities for families is to go swimming. Having a beach day with your family is always a great way to have quality time while having fun in the sun.

7. Go on a Family Hike

Taking your family on a hike is a great way to get fresh air and exercise while enjoying the nice weather. You can make the hike more fun by learning about nature as you go or play games pointing out different plants or animals along the way.

8. Make Summer Treats

Try your hand at making homemade ice cream or spend your day making fun summer treats with your family. Making homemade ice cream is a great way to spend time with your family while cooling off from the hot weather.

9. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are a great way to spend your weekends with your family. You can pick up local produce from different vendors and enjoy spending time outdoors with your family.

10. Go Fishing

One relaxing way to spend an afternoon is to spend it by the lake. Take your family on a fishing trip to teach your kids a new skill and enjoy your time outside.

11. Have a Park Day

Going to the playground is always a great way to spend time with your kids outside. Your kids will have fun playing while you can watch from a bench or push them on the swings.

12. Draw With Chalk

Chalk is a great way for kids to express their creativity without worrying about any permanent mess. Pick up some chalk and have your kids decorate your driveway or sidewalk.

13. Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course for your kids by propping up Hoola hoops or creating a maze. Your kids will have a great time figuring out the obstacles while getting fresh air.

14. Go to Museums

Many museums offer free or discounted admission days. Take advantage of those days for a chance to learn something new with your family!

15. Go for a Bike Ride

Biking is a great activity that the whole family can be a part of. You will get lots of exercise and sunshine while getting quality family time.

16. Play Frisbee

Frisbee is a great, laid-back sport that anyone can play. Take your family to a local park and toss a frisbee around for a fun summer activity that everyone will enjoy.

17. Make a Water Slide

Making a homemade water slide or slip N slide is a great way to keep your family cool while having a fun time in the sun. All you need is a hose and a big tarp for a great summer activity!

18. Have a BBQ

Having a BBQ is always an enjoyable way to spend summer evenings. Make all of your family’s favorite grilled dishes and enjoy eating in the warmer weather.

19. Fly Kites

Windy summer day? No problem! Take your family to a park and show them how to fly kites for a free summer activity. You can even make homemade kites and have your kids decorate them for a fun craft.

20. Go to the Library

Don’t let bad weather get you down. During rainy summer days, take your family to the library to pick out new books to read so they can learn something new.

21. Teach Your Kids a New Skill

Show your kids how to cook their favorite dishes or teach them how to build a homemade birdfeeder. They will love learning a new skill and it won’t cost you anything.

22. Volunteer With Your Kids

Spend time with your kids by giving back to your community. Volunteer to clean up a local park or help out at a local food shelter for a memorable and valuable experience.

23. Have a Movie Night

Watch your family’s favorite movies on a projector outside for a fun summer experience, or have a cozy indoor movie night with ice cream sundaes. Either way, you are bound to have great family bonding time with a movie night.

24. Have a Bonfire

Your family will love roasting marshmallows and making smores over a backyard bonfire. Have fun stargazing and eating summer treats with your family by a bonfire for a memorable summer experience.

25. Make a Homemade Waterpark

Set up a sprinkler for your kids to run through or pull a slide up to your pool to create a fun, backyard waterpark. Your kids will appreciate swimming and playing in the water during the warmer weather and will have a great time outdoors.

Free Summer Activities for Your Family

Don’t let money get in the way of having a fun summer with your family. These free summer activities will give you lots of options for ways you can spend time with your family without breaking the bank.

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