3 Ways To Help You Choose Argyle Pink Diamonds

Because it is so rare, the pink Argyle diamond has long been considered the world’s most sought-after gem. The Argyle Pink Diamonds were initially discovered in Australia, where they were first mined, and are hence referred to as such. If you’re looking for gorgeous diamonds in the world today, you’ll need to look no further than this one. This mine yielded the world’s first and biggest pink diamond and the second-largest pink diamond ever found. As well as Argyle mine blue, green and black diamonds are also produced. Pink diamonds from the Argyle region are the most sought-after and expensive of all varieties. If you want to purchase a pink Argyle diamond, this guide will show you how to do so.

Because pink Argyle diamonds are so uncommon, it isn’t easy to gauge their worth. The price of a pink Argyle diamond might vary significantly based on the stone’s size and colour. Gemstones with a lighter tint and larger size command a more excellent price than those with a darker colour. It is pretty unusual to come across pink Argyle diamonds. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are also quite valuable. A carat of these diamonds will set you back roughly $15,000. The new pink diamond Argyle has great promise. Purchasers need to know the diamond’s grade to make educated purchases. Here are some considerations to support you in determining whether or not to purchase pink Argyle diamonds!


Due to the pink Argyle diamonds’ rarity, quality, and colour saturation are presently regarded as rare gems. A pink argyle diamond’s saturation and intensity should be considered while shopping for the ideal stone. An intense or high saturation of colour distinguishes pink Argyle diamonds from other pink diamonds in the family. Moderate to high intensity describes this hue. A “fancy” pink diamond isn’t one of the more common hues like yellow or brown, but rather one that has a unique shade. The demand for pink Argyle diamonds is rising. However, it is essential to consider the colour saturation and strength while deciding on a colour.

Colour’s Rareness

When purchasing pricey jewellery, it’s essential to consider the colour. The price of a specific colour is heavily influenced by how scarce that colour is. There is just one place where you can find pink Argyle diamonds, the rarest colour in the diamond world. When selecting a pink diamond, it is essential to evaluate its style. The sole source of Argyle diamonds is a single mine, making them very rare and in great demand. Rough argyle diamonds are also hard to come by, making it difficult for bigger stores and jewellers to match the demand for pink diamonds.

Size of the diamond

When shopping for a pink argyle diamond, don’t forget to consider the diamond’s size. Cut, weight, and colour are all affected by this factor, which may be the most critical. When purchasing diamond jewellery, the form of the diamond is vital. Round, square, pear, and oval are the four primary forms. Compared to a round diamond, pear-shaped diamonds have a narrower top, making it simpler to match earrings and other jewellery.┬á

When choosing the right diamond or pink diamond, several factors must be reckoned with. Choosing the right one might be difficult. Consider the jewellery you’ll wear with the Argyle pink diamonds and the desired stone size before making a purchase. After you have settled on these two items, the following step is to look at the different attributes that make up a significant diamond, such as colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight.