5 Extremely Common Car Accident Injuries

5 Extremely Common Car Accident Injuries

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About 6 million car accidents happen in the United States every year. It translates to about 3 million Americans sustaining car accident injuries. 

People sustain different kinds of injuries from these accidents. Some are minor while others are fatal, depending on the severity. Knowing the most common ones will make road mishaps more manageable.

In this guide, we’ll list the five most common injuries from car accidents. Continue reading below:

Cuts and Scrapes

Some of the most common car accident injuries are cuts and scrapes. These happen because of the collision impact.

When your car hits another vehicle, loose projectiles can fly in your direction. They can be items inside your vehicle like your mug or phone. They can also be the shards coming from broken glass windows. 

Broken Bones

Sometimes, the impact of major collisions can break your bones. The most common fractures involve the ribs. They are more fragile compared to other bones in the body. 

The impact may push your body forward or sideways with extreme force. In turn, the ribs may not be able to absorb the impact, resulting in breaks.

Aside from the ribs, some people break their arms, hips, and legs upon impact. 


One of the most serious auto accident injuries is whiplash. It happens when the impact causes the body to move suddenly at a faster pace. In turn, the muscles, ligaments and tissues, experience severe strain.

Whiplash can lead to serious consequences if it involves the muscles and ligaments on your neck and head.  Some car crash victims experience long-term chronic disorders. These include constant headaches and neck pains.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are also common during road mishaps. Severe head trauma can cause brain injuries. Some have short-term effects while others can lead to life-long health issues.

Externally, the head can sustain cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Flying objects and broken glass can cut the face and forehead. Victims with deep lacerations may need stitching.

Internal Bleeding

Even if you don’t show visible wounds, you may suffer internal bleeding. It’s dangerous when left untreated. For example, the impact can break one of your ribs and cause it to puncture your internal organs.

Thus, seek immediate medical attention after a car crash.

What to Do After Sustaining Car Accident Injuries

Apart from checking your body, seek immediate medical attention. It applies even when you don’t feel anything. Moreover, call a car accident lawyer regardless of the party at fault.

A trusted car accident attorney can help injured clients get their legal compensation. It’s crucial, especially when serious injuries manifest several days after the accident.

Become a Better Driver on the Road

Now that you know some of the most common car accident injuries, you will become more vigilant about road safety. However, becoming a better driver takes a lot of practice and continuous learning.

We invite you to read our other blog posts about driving. We share tips that will help you become a more responsible driver on the road.