5 New Year’s Resolutions To Make in 2023

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, it marks the start of another new year. And while it’s common to make resolutions, they don’t always stick. Maybe it’s a lack of commitment or plain old forgetfulness. Perhaps it’s because the resolutions themselves aren’t attainable.

For 2023, try to focus on things you’ll actually do and can keep up with. A year from now, you’ll be proud to look back on your resolution success story. Here are a few to consider adding to your list to do just that.

1. Put Your Health First

Probably the most cliché resolution is health-related. Whether it’s hitting the gym five times a week or giving up your daily soda in favor of sparkling water. And those are great goals, but the real question is how attainable they are.

If you were previously averaging one workout a week, maybe shoot for two or three instead of five. If your daily soda gives you joy, try to swap it for something healthier once or twice a week. The best resolutions are the ones you’ll stick to, so choose those over anything else.

And remember health is more than just breaking a sweat and adjusting your nutrition. While those are important, mental and reproductive health can also be incorporated into resolutions. You may want to meditate each morning for a few minutes before starting your day. Or you may want to prioritize your reproductive health by signing up for a birth control subscription and avoid missing a pill. Ultimately, any health resolution you make and stick to will be something your mind and body thank you for.

2. Be Intentional With Money

Personal finances can be intimidating for anyone. It’s often much more fun to make purchases than it is to plan for your financial future. But knowledge is power, and increasing your understanding of finances can pay dividends down the line.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Challenge yourself to take a few minutes each day or half an hour a week to learn something new. Whether it’s a budgeting approach, like the 50-30-20 method, or reading an article about investing, anything is better than nothing.

While you’re at it, try to incorporate as many savings and healthy financial habits as possible. Even having a few hundred dollars in an emergency fund can be a game-changer during certain situations. And it only takes $10 or so each week to save hundreds in a year. Every little bit makes a difference and can put you in a better financial situation by year’s end.

3. Find a New Hobby

On top of all of life’s responsibilities, adding something else to the list may not sound appealing. However, discovering a hobby can make your new year that much better. And there’s no shortage of hobbies to try out.

Start painting or learn how to knit. Find a pickleball team or sign up for a cake decorating class. The worst case is that you try something that isn’t fun and you know never to do it again. The best case is you now have a fun hobby to do during your free time. And you might even make new friends in the process.

Hobbies are great for many reasons, possibly the biggest being that they’re just for fun. They aren’t revenue-generating endeavors or meant to further your career. But they can help reduce stress and make your year more fun as a result.

4. Manage Your Screen Time

If your day starts and ends with screens, it’s a great resolution to try and cut back when you can. Having a job that is primarily online can make this hard. But a solid attempt can be worth it in the short and long term for many reasons.

First and foremost, our bodies aren’t built to be looking at screens for hours on end. From bad posture that comes from sitting for too long to eye strain, it’s hard on our bodies. Try out a seat cushion to encourage better posture, or invest in a standing desk. Test out blue light glasses to reduce the impact on your eyes. And remember to take breaks throughout the workday to reduce your time spent looking at screens.

When you’re not working, or if you don’t have a job looking at screens, try to find alternative forms of entertainment. Instead of scrolling on social media when you wake up, read a chapter of a book or go for a walk. Swap late-night video watching for phone calls with friends and family or hobbies. Small changes can make a big impact, especially when it comes to limiting negative screen time effects. It just takes commitment and effort.

5. Up Your Reading Game

Few things compare to sitting down and diving into a good book. But if reading isn’t a priority, it often falls to the wayside while other responsibilities take center stage. In 2023, try to remedy that.

One of the best ways to incorporate reading is by penciling it into your routine. Whether it’s early morning, on your lunch break, or right before bed, make it a habit. It’ll eventually become second nature to crack open a book (or e-reader) and read a few pages daily.

Another approach to getting more books under your belt is focusing your resolution on a number. Decide you’ll read one book a week, two a month, or a dozen in the year. No matter the number you choose, it will help make 2023 that much better. There are also some fun apps and reading challenges to help you stay on track to reach your reading goals.

New Year, New Opportunities

For some, a new year is a chance to start over. For others, it’s just another day. Regardless, committing to resolutions that you know you can stick to can make it a happier, healthier year. And that is worth the preparation and effort in and of itself.