5 Reasons Why You Need To Build A Streaming App

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to promote your business or tried every single business idea without success? Now might be the time to build a streaming app!

The streaming industry is generating billions of dollars of revenue, and it’s not slowing down.

Streaming apps aren’t just for entertainment companies. There are many people out there that are planning to develop an app like Netflix. But live-streaming app development can benefit a range of businesses, including corporates, schools and fitness companies.

Live Streaming is the new radio! It’s a form of broadcasting that has grown in popularity and there are many reasons for you to make a live video streaming app of your own.

Why You Should Start a Movie Streaming App (or Any Other Kind!)

Streaming Build Your Brand

Video content can be tricky to get right, but it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished and edited. Many viewers enjoy unedited, unpredictable, fun videos and find them charming. If you want to present your talent in a quirky, reality-TV style, that’s fine. In fact, it can help endear your business to your viewers.

Many repair shops, fitness studios, doctors and teachers have created fun mini-shows that have turned them into household names.

You can make your own videos or curate videos from other, similar creators.

Create Real Engagement

Unlike television, video streaming is a two-way conversation. Your customers can give you feedback, leave comments, and even create their own storylines. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Movie allowed Netflix Viewers to choose their own adventure and outcomes for the heroine. 

Because you can gather feedback, you can refine your content towards what your customers want and need, making it easier to create content that takes off. Word will spread and your audience will grow.

Raise Brand Awareness

The high engagement rates and viewer retention rates of streaming allow you to project a message about your wider business. If you create your own content about a specialist field, you can position yourself as a thought leader. You can also tie curated content to your other businesses.

You can create a brand that promotes medical or health content, mentorship and coaching videos, or just become a name in entertainment. If you already have a niche, you can easily become a streaming champion.

You Don’t Have to Have Experience

You don’t have to be in the entertainment industry to create a cool streaming app. You don’t need a studio or a content creation team. Netflix started off as a DVD mail-order service before creating a website and then a streaming service. They only started creating content much later.

Create Content Your Audience Wants

Streaming is a great testing ground. By using algorithms, you can create concepts and curte content based on viewership, engagement and likes.

How Will You Make Money?

There are three ways you can make money from your streaming app.


Customers pay a set fee for every video they watch. This is still pretty common for streaming sport events.

Subscription Model

Netflix and Amazon make most of their revenues from monthly subscriptions. The content is unlimited, but the usage is restricted. The cheaper subscriptions can only watch on a single screen at a time and cannot watch HD videos.

Advertising Monetization

You might want to keep your streaming service free, and then charge advertisers to play ads on your channel. This will require some work and regular sourcing of advertisers, and your viewers may find it annoying if they are interrupted by ads. Others will be happy to watch ads because the content is free.


More than half of the population in the United States are watching Netflix every day. Now is a great time to launch your new product. Learn how to create a streaming app from experts at Topflightapps. 

Make sure that you find the right company to create your MVP so that you can get to the market as soon as possible.