Alternatives to YouTube in 2021

For several years, YouTube has dominated the video marketing arena. However, options are now available, with each of them offering new features. To succeed in YouTube, you will need hours of effort and persistence, to develop a channel and build an audience base that you can monetize. But with these alternatives to YouTube, you can spread your tentacles and try your luck on a different platform.

The top YouTube Alternatives in 2021

1. Uscreen

This is a complete video monetization platform that allows content creators to convert their content into videos and make it available to the entire world. It’s incredibly easy to use, and you can upload, organize and customize your videos to make them well packaged for your targeted population. You can make your storefront look and feel great. Uscreen allows you to monetize any video that you post there in any way that you consider fit. You can choose whether people can pay for it or subscribe. You can also offer permission for the users to stream videos live on their devices, track subscriber growth and also collect your subscriber’s contact information.

2. GoogleTune

GoogleTune platform allows video creators to share them with their targeted audience. With this amazing alternative to YouTube, you can share your videos in many formats, besides the common and popular methods that YouTube offers. It allows for fast loading of videos, and downloading can also be done effortlessly. The downside is that people may download your videos without paying for them, and this can be somehow challenging. However, if you aren’t interested in monetization, GoogleTune can be an amazing channel to help you reach out to a large community of viewers.

3. Patreon

Patreon is a unique platform that has altered the way on how creators make a living from the video content which they create. Subscribers can pay for monthly memberships to enjoy exclusive access to your content. This site is free for use by content creators, but they will take five to twelve percent of your revenue in commissions, the exact rate is determined by your membership plan. However, there are no customizable features that can help you create a unique brand. It’s not also possible for you to roll out personalized apps, as you would do with other sites such as Uscreen.

4. Facebook

These days, it’s almost impossible to consider a life without Facebook. Its large audience makes it a fantastic option for content creators who want to roll out their content for a large audience.  Anyone who has an account with Facebook can upload content and broadcast it to a global audience.

However, you will cede 45% of the advertising revenue that you earn from your videos to YouTube. Facebook tends to limit your access to subscriber details, so you should ensure that you diversify your portfolio to register more earnings. If you adopt the correct strategy and combined it with the massive reach that Facebook offers, you can make a decent amount from your high-quality videos.


Video monetization platforms are no longer in short supply, and this has provided diverse choices to anyone interested in making money from videos outside YouTube. With the varied choices that are availed to you, you can try your luck at video monetization outside Google.