Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS: 6 Reasons why Android beats iOS

The craze surrounding iOS and iPhone is unbeatable but there are multiple ways why Android is still a superior choice when it comes to functionalities. From enabling users to customize to having a reduced-price range, people across the world do prefer Android over iOS for varying reasons.

If you are wondering how to record a call on iPhone, you are likely going to be disappointed because iPhone lacks the said feature. Android, on the other hand, has a built-in option.

Following are some of the other reasons why Android beats iOS:

Better Value

You can’t even compete on the fact that Android smartphones offer a much better value for the price you pay. While iPhones are available for varying price points depending on the screen size and the storage and memory, these restrictions aren’t bound to an Android. You get to choose the best choice for the nominal price that you would pay for an iPhone. Typically, you get a larger screen size, better RAM, and storage for a value price.

Headphone Jacks

We can’t stress this enough but it doesn’t matter if you use them or not, having a 3.5 mm jack in the phone will come in handy one way or the other. With iOS or iPhones, you don’t have the luxury to simply tap into a good-quality headphone jack since it is not even available. You are paying close to $1000 and there’s no headphone jack in the phone. Sounds like a waste. So, can you record a phone call on iPhone? The answer is no. Can you listen to music with wired headphones? The answer is still no.

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USB Type-C Fast charging

Although Apple’s MacBooks charge via the USB Type-C charging cable and port, the same doesn’t apply to their line of smartphones. This goes to show that you need Apple proprietary to be able to charge the device wirelessly, sometimes which you have to buy separately. The same isn’t an issue with Androids because they come with chargers in the package and support fast charging too.

Better Customizations

It goes without saying that if you have to choose one reason why Android is better than iOS, the range of customizations it offers has to take the first spot. Apple has a locked UI with limited access to apps, some of which are even paid. You are limited to selecting a few widgets, sticking to certain home screen patterns, and such. With Android, you have a range of widgets and customisation tools at your disposal. 

Working File System

Another factor that puts Android above iOS is the access to a detailed and organized file manager. When you connect an Android to a computer to transfer files, you can do so easily without needing a third-party buffer. With iPhones, you need to set up an iTunes on your computer to be able to copy the data to the system. A headache and nothing less.

Back Button

Don’t you love it when there are small wins in life? Well, with Android, you get to make that happen with the integrated back button, which isn’t available on an iPhone. The contextual back buttons in the iPhone enable you to move between apps, which can be frustrating at times. Although iOS smartphones bring you the luxury of a premium quality build, better camera quality, Android still manages to beat iOS in some ways. While you can’t record a phone call on iPhone, you can do so on an Android. Similarly, there are a range of other reasons why Android is still a better option if you are on a budget.