Best 5 Bouquets With Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a great way to add color to any bouquet. They add a vibrant element to an arrangement and are perfect for weddings or other occasions. Choose from the variety of sunflowers that is right for the occasion. We have rounded up some of our favorite options. From Joker to Buttercream to ProCut Orange, sunflowers are sure to make any bouquets with sunflowers look beautiful. And don’t forget to check out our guide to sunflower-themed weddings.

Joker sunflowers

Joker Sunflower is a hybrid, pollen-free sunflower variety with double starburst patterns on its large, round blooms. It’s an excellent cut-flower choice for bouquets and attracts beneficial pollinators to the vegetable garden. It grows 6-7 feet tall and branches out to produce additional blooms. The flower heads are shaped like a double starburst with a brown disk in the center and a yellow fringe surrounding it.

Joker sunflowers are the perfect choice for bouquets, as they have a double petal design with two sets of petals surrounding a dark center and red-orange ring around the petal bases. The Joker sunflower has a long flowering period, which makes it an excellent choice for bouquets. It is a great attractor of beneficial insects, too.

Joker Sunflowers are easy to grow from seed. They can be planted after the danger of frost has passed. Make sure to prepare the seed bed with a layer of compost and water. The seeds should be planted at least 6 inches apart. The Joker Sunflower is an annual plant and will grow to a mature height of four to eight feet. Its bi-colored flowers will display shades of orange, red, and yellow.

Buttercream sunflowers

When it comes to buttercream sunflowers, there are many ways to create beautiful arrangements. First, you’ll need to choose a color palette. You can match the colors of the real flower or create your own unique combination. To choose the right color palette, you’ll want to study real flowers and photos. Pay attention to the small differences between each flower, then apply these subtle changes to the colors of your buttercream.

Buttercream sunflowers are pollen-free and are ideal for bouquets. They bloom on a plant for several weeks and have multiple petals. This variety is perfect for weddings, reception centerpieces, and everyday displays of affection. Buttercream sunflowers can be grown from seeds at David’s Garden Seeds. These seeds are available in chocolate and cherry hues. This flower is popular at farmers’ markets, and you’ll be able to make many different bouquets with it.

Sunrich Summer Provence sunflowers are another popular option for cutting. They’ll bloom in 50 days, and have daisy-style petals with a rich brown disk in the center. This sunflower is a male-sterile, pollen-free variety that’s ideal for home gardeners. It’s a great choice for tight planting, and it’s possible to harvest cuttings into the fall.

To create a realistic-looking buttercream flower, you’ll need special piping tips and a flower nail. Then, you’ll need quality food coloring. Luckily, with a little practice, you can create beautiful flowers that look like real ones. If you’re still unsure, here are some tips to help you get started.

ProCut Orange

The ProCut Orange sunflower is a favorite among home gardeners and cut flower farmers. Its bright orange petals and dark brown disk make it the ideal choice for bouquets and arrangements. This cultivar grows to a height of six to seven feet and is pollen-free. Its single stem and large blooms make it a lovely addition to a sunflower bouquet.

The ProCut Orange sunflower is one of the fastest blooming varieties. Its orange petals and brown disk make it a favorite all-time flower. ProCut Orange sunflowers can be started indoors and then transplanted outdoors after the danger of frost has passed. Plant your sunflowers six to twelve inches apart for the largest flower heads.

ProCut Orange sunflowers are an easy plant to grow. Their blooms are three to four inches across, with dark brown centers. The sunflower plant will mature in 50 days. This variety will bloom all summer and early fall. It’s a beautiful, hardy annual sunflower that’s great for the garden.

Autumn Beauty

Planting sunflowers in fall is an excellent way to welcome fall with vibrant colors and beautiful cut flowers. Autumn Beauty sunflowers have many heads that are between 12 and 20cm across. Their bright colors attract pollinators from miles around. Autumn Beauty sunflowers are easily grown from seed and grow to between two and three feet tall. During blooming season, they produce approximately 20 blooms per stem. Once they reach maturity, they make great cut flowers.

After the seeds are planted, they will begin to germinate in about seven to ten days. Once the plants are established, they will grow to be between five and eight feet tall. It is recommended to space plants six to twelve inches apart. Autumn Beauty sunflowers produce bi-colored flowers that are six inches across. The seed packets are beautifully illustrated and provide details about the flower variety.

Autumn Beauty sunflowers can be grown in many climates and growing zones. Harvesting sunflowers is easiest when the flowers are nearly open. The exact time depends on what you plan to do with them. If you’re going to use them for food or as a centerpiece, they should be harvested when they’re about one-third open.

The sunflower seeds you use for Autumn Beauty can be planted directly into the garden or in pots. Sunflower Autumn Beauty produces flowers in varying shades of red, orange and yellow. The plants’ leaves are large and spade-shaped. The flowers open to four to six inches across and have a chocolate-brown center. The flowers look lovely when planted in long rows.

Jade sunflowers

The Jade sunflower’s light yellow petals and green center make it a unique addition to any bouquet. This fragrant multi-flowered flower is a lively addition to any arrangement. Jade sunflowers are also pollenless, making them a unique option for a wedding flower bouquet.

This flower has a long vase life and can be grown in any climate. Popular varieties include the sunset variety and the variegata variety, which has white or light green stripes on its leaves. There are over one thousand different types of jade sunflowers, so you’re bound to find a flower arrangement that fits your needs perfectly.

Red Torch Mexican sunflower

The Red Torch Mexican sunflower is a beautiful, colorful flower that blooms in the summer. Despite its common name, it is a different species than a true sunflower, which has flowers that are yellow. They are a perennial plant that is able to grow as high as 150 cm and have long, toothed leaves. Their rich orange flowers are 8 cm in diameter and covered in plush velvet petals. They are a great choice for a flower bouquet because of their long blooming period.

Mexican sunflowers are perennials. They can survive a mild winter and can grow up to 6 feet tall. They are best grown indoors, although they can be transplanted outside if cold weather is not an issue. They should be planted in soil that is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

This flower is native to Mexico and Central America. The scientific name is Tithonia speciosa. Popular varieties include Fiesta del Sol and Red Torch. The flowers of these sunflowers are bright and orange, and the blooms stand out among the green foliage. This flower is easy to grow and is a great choice if you want a colorful flower bouquet.

You can also grow Mexican sunflowers from seed. The seeds are small and germinate easily. They can be planted in early spring, after the last frost. You can also start seedlings indoors six weeks before the last frost. After the last frost, they can be transplanted to the garden or pot. They can grow quickly, and will do well if you use a potting mix that contains some soil.