Carry These Essentials For Your Dance Recital

In any profession, be it as an employee or an athlete, the outcome of success or a better performance largely depends on how provident the person is to face the odds. Being a competitive profession that spans over cities and provinces throughout the country, dancing isn’t that far off from that fact either. Without the right set of dancing shoes or a comfortable pair of girls dance leggings, the lack of preparation might prove difficult even for the most seasoned dancers in the arena.

Children start dancing practices at the age of 7, later on morphing into more serious training sessions if they want to break into the elite schools. Moreover, it might even come as a surprise that a profession that was looked at with the utmost frivolity decades ago is a highly competitive industry that employs hundreds of people. Currently, the industry is composed of dance styles from different cultures, with the country now a hotspot for major dance groups and studios worldwide.

Although the country has put forward certain regulations as to how children and young adults must be taught the art of dancing, it doesn’t hurt to be well equipped with all the items necessary. Being ill-prepared can have its setbacks, so make sure to fill a small bag with these necessary items:

  1. Snacks And Water: Have some snacks in hand to keep those energy levels up before, during and after practice. It is also beneficial to be hydrated throughout the session, so have a water bottle filled with water and maybe mixed with a small amount of glucose.
  1. Dancing Shoes: Have a few pairs of shoes for all types of dance routines in case a surprise audition turns up. The three main types would be ballet, jazz and one for more rough practice sessions.
  1. Back-Up Clothes: A dance routine can be physically exhausting for a person, and one may find themselves drenched in sweat after a routine. Bring an extra pair of girls dance leggings and throw in a few pairs of tights too. Better be safe in case some get ripped or torn during a dance recital. Have a sealable plastic bag to dump in all the soiled clothes and prevent them from mixing up or dirtying other items in the bag.
  1. A Small First Aid Pack: Antibacterial wipes, bandaids and other medical creams for those minor scrapes and cuts incurred during practise should be kept handy. It’s better to patch the wound up than leave them in the open and risk infection.
  1. Makeup: Ask any professional dancer, and they’ll tell you how important a makeup set is to add those finishing touches before an audition. Having a smudge-free face will always compliment a graceful dance performance.
  1. Other Things To Have At Stand-by: As mentioned before, sweating is a big problem and can hinder overall performance. Have a towel at the ready to dry off as often as possible, and bring some deodorants to mask the body odour. Bring a few scrunchies to keep the hair tidy and a few hairpins to set the hair in a bun. No one wants to see a messy face, so always look professional and set the hair neatly. Although not necessary, a hairbrush might come in handy for those lengthy dance practices and don’t forget to bring a can of hairspray. Above all, be ethical during practices and respect fellow dancers, teachers and the dance floor and always be critical of one’s performance. Dancing is an art, and the only way to excel is to be a dedicated and disciplined artist.

The list mentioned above covers all the essentials you need for your next dance recital or practice session. Carrying an extra pair of girls dance leggings is always useful in case something happens to the ones you’re wearing. Follow this checklist, and you’ll be all geared up for the session!