Gas Lift Storage Beds: Are They Comfortable?

Lately, interior design has made drastic changes to accommodate the constrictions of space facing the world. From space-efficient storage shelves to multifunctional couch beds, people are looking for ways to utilise the space they have to its fullest. As a result of such efforts, storage beds came into being, and they have gained a set of loyal followers.

People look for different things while purchasing a bed, but storage space is an added element of practicality. Allowing homeowners and residents who are short on space to keep their belongings in order, beds for storage can come in handy if you are short on space or simply have too much stuff.

Gas Lift Storage Beds: What Are They?

Beds with a gas lift mechanism are a type of bed with a provision for storage under the mattress. Highly suitable for domestic use, the gas lift bed is essentially an ottoman with fancy mechanisms to unlock precious storage underneath.

What are the fancy mechanisms, you may ask? It is a hydraulic gas lift system with two gas pistons on either side of the ottoman. When you lift the mattress by raising it at one end, it rises easily, thanks to the air in these pistons. It is the same reason there is a slow puffing sound when you lift the bed, because of the air being released. Once you lift the mattress, you have a whole new accessible storage space.

Are Gas Lift Storage Beds Comfortable?

Gas lift beds are crafted with two things in mind: comfort and efficiency. The bed is engineered so that the attached hydraulic system does not affect the user’s sleep quality. The heavy-duty materials used to build the frames can effortlessly hold a good deal of kilogrammes.

Most gas lift beds have a base of wooden slats put together to give the mattress additional support. It is not only the mattress that is held better by the slatted wood but also the user’s body when they are resting. Proper support for the head, hips, shoulders, and spine as you sleep can improve your posture. The right support for the body also prevents the development of joint pains and poor circulation. The structure of the gas lift bed ensures you get hours of quality sleep to feel rejuvenated to tackle a new day.

With the right size and type of mattress, these modern beds are exceptional pieces of furniture with the benefit of storage space.   

Are Gas Lift Beds Worth It?

A gas lift bed is appropriate for you if you are looking for style and utility. Depending on your budget and your needs, it can be something of an investment, and you can reap the benefits of it for a long time. Since these beds are made with storage in mind, the hydraulic gas lift system is highly durable. This means the bed and gas lift system will stay intact despite regular use.

According to the style of bed you choose, you can have varying sizes of storage compartments. No matter how heavy the bed looks, you can easily lift the mattress to access the storage space. With enough space, you will rid your bedroom of all the clutter that has been accumulating.

With all that said, these storage beds are worth the investment if storage space and style in one package is what you seek. Enjoy every precious moment of rest, relaxation, and sleep.