IPO Allotment

How to Check IPO Allotment Status?

An Initial Public Offering is considered a momentous occasion for any private company. It is a sign that the company has wholly matured to a fully-grown and effective organisation by commanding goodwill in the market and raising public funds. For several venture-capital start-ups, an IPO backs into the list of things they want to achieve by fulfilling the wishes of the investors by delivering an exit.

IPOs are done at a large scale, and they bring about some management changes within the company. With a fresh infusion of funds, companies expand their operations, invest in product development, hire better talent, and so on. This comes at the cost of dilution of the ownership, and the price at which stocks trade indicates the trust investors place on the potential. Now, if the company has matured enough to announce IPO, they have faced many storms.

They may have already established themselves as a leader in the segment under it. The IPO attracts a lot of coverage and fanfare for such companies as numerous potential investors arewilling to join the bandwagon. Before you think about IPO Investment, you need to have the following aspects ready:

  • Trading Account
  • Demat Account
  • Amount in Demat that corresponds to your bid

If you have these basics together, start with the application process. After an IPO closes, the allotment process starts. In case of oversubscription, the shares get allotted to applicants either proportionately or based on a lottery. The merchant bank and the registrar to the issue finalise the basis of allotment. This then gets approved by the stock exchanges and is made available on the registrar’s website to the issue.

The issuing company also intimates the public through newspaper advertisements about the issue price and the basis of allotment.

Steps to check the IPO allotment status

Investors can check the IPO Investmentallotment status on the registrar’s website to the issue.  Alternatively, visit the website of the stock exchanges and check the allotment status. You need to keep the PAN or IPO application number or Demat Account number handy.

  • Visit the website of the registrar and locate the IPO status tab
  • Click on the IPO status tab. There you find the recent IPOs
  • Select the IPO for which you have applied
  • Here, you findthree options with which you can search the status: Search by PAN, Search by IPO application number, or Search by DPID/Client ID
  • If you are electthe PAN, enter the number
  • You get a captcha you need to enter and hit the submit button

If allotted, you can see the allotment on the screen.

Other alternatives

Check if the IPO amount gets debited from your Bank Account. If yes, you have been allotted. You can also check your emails and SMS to check if you have received the allotment.

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