How To Choose Reliable Betting Sites In India: The Major Criteria

Any novice bettor faces the problem of choosing a betting site. Each company is trying to win a new customers by offering them great betting conditions. But how can you select something as great as from the hundreds of betting sites in India? Consider these 6 most important criteria to find the most reliable company.

Line-up And Spreads

Reliable betting sites in India offer many events and a wide variety of bets on them. Some have a slightly better line, others a worse one. Make sure you are satisfied with the bookmaker’s line before registration.

The Odds

This is one of the most essential criteria that players pay attention to. It’s the odds that determine the amount of your profit. The bigger it is, the higher the profit.

The odds depend on the margin. The lower it is, the higher the odds. Some tools help users calculate the bookmaker’s margin. The optimal figure is no more than 8%.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Trustworthy betting sites in India have plenty of depositing and withdrawal methods. Get acquainted with them in advance to avoid any problems later.

The second essential factor is timeliness. Some bookies allow you to make deposits and withdrawals in seconds, while with others, the process takes up to several hours. Most bookmakers don’t hide it. Information about transfer periods may be found on the site, or you may ask the support team directly.

Bonuses And Promotions

Betting sites in India offer various bonuses to newcomers and regular players, including:

  • ●               Free bets (given to both new and old players);
  • ●               Welcome bonuses (in the form of a free bet or a percentage of the deposit);
  • ●               Promo codes;
  • ●               Super extras (the player is offered to guess the result of the offered matches);
  • ●               Prize draws;
  • ●               Other promotions and bonuses.

Up-to-date information about promotions and bonuses can be found on the official bookie websites.

Bonuses are given to players for fulfilling certain conditions. Study them and assess how they can be beneficial for you.

Mobile Version And A Smartphone App

Over half of bettors bet from their phones. So, bookies began to optimize sites for mobile traffic and develop mobile apps. Their quality is judged by the following indicators:

  • ●               Clear interface;
  • ●               Speed of operation (especially for in-play betting, where every second counts);
  • ●               Design;
  • ●               Availability of sports broadcasts.

Not all bookmakers have a mobile app yet. Before registering, make sure the site you choose has such a user-friendly tool, letting you bet on the go.

Customer Support

How responsive is customer support? Does the team help, or does it blame the player? How well do the operators know the information? You can find the answers to these questions in the bookmaker reviews.

Useful Basic Tips

Never stop your choice on one bookie. You should have 2-3 accounts on different betting sites in India at once. So, you can compare the odds on the sports event which interests you and choose the most profitable offers.

Even if you have picked a bookmaker with high odds, it won’t offer such odds for all the events. Competing companies will set higher odds just for these underestimated events to increase their betting turnover.

Learn as much as possible about the selected bookmaker. Read the forums, see if users write about delays in withdrawals, unfair betting practices, and other incidents. If such cases have occurred before, they may happen again.

Your success in sports betting will depend on how seriously you take the choice of the bookie. So, take your time to make your decision.