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How to Improve Diesel Truck Fuel Efficiency

Though the costs of truck transport continue to increase, the profit margins to transport companies remains stagnant or worse. Part of this is due to the cost of diesel fuel that is projected to increase even more in the near future. This makes fuel efficiency an ever more important issue for drivers and companies who want to remain profitable. Cutting fuel costs significantly can be done immediately by paying attention to a few simple rules.

The first way to reduce diesel fuel usage is to slow down. A truck traveling at 75 mph uses 50% more fuel than one covering the same distance at 60 mph. That’s right, 50%. Additionally, driving at 75 mph emits 100% more carbon monoxide, an additional 50% in hydrocarbons, and 31% more nitrogen oxide pollutants. Slowing down doesn’t just save on fuel costs and emissions, it also saves lives on the highways.

If you stop for more than three minutes, stop the engine to reduce idling time. Excessive idling can add to fuel costs by as much as 50% and can cause costly damage that shortens the engine life and increases maintenance expenses. It can also reduce the life of engine oil by as much as 75% further adding to unnecessary costs.

Be diligent about vehicle maintenance. Proper engine maintenance keeps it working efficiently to reduce fuel usage, reduce emissions, and reduces overall repair costs. Tires that are properly inflated improve fuel mileage while improving performance and increasing tire life for added savings. Get quality used diesel truck parts when possible to save on costs.

Following these suggestions alone will save measurably on diesel truck operating costs to significantly improve the profit margin as well as add to the safe operation of the vehicle and reduced toxic emissions.