How to Perfectly Choose Your Kid’s First Bike

Ever since the pandemic started, many people have been forced to stay indoors. The pandemic has also negatively impacted kids, because of which they can no longer play outside with friends like they used to. But if you have a large enough backyard and want your kids to stay active, one of the best choices is by teaching them how to ride a bike. 

Nowadays, kids are always indoors, on their phones or computer, leading to a lack of physical activity. If they still do not have a bike, you need to look for kids bikes and know how to choose the perfect one. Remember that some bikes might be too small or too big for your child. Here are some tips on how to pick the right bike for your child.  

Tip #1: Always Consider the Bike’s Size

One mistake that some parents make when choosing their kid’s first bike is not considering whether the bike will fit them or not. Most of the time, kids get injured when they cannot reach the ground when sitting on the bike. Ensure that you always choose a bike that has an adjustable seat post so that you can adjust it whenever your kid’s feet do not touch the ground. 

Besides considering the bike’s height, you also have to determine if your child can reach the handlebars. It will not matter if their feet can reach the ground if their arms are uncomfortable holding the handlebars. Also, ensure that the handlebar is easy to rotate for your child.  

Tip #2: Know What Type of Bike They Want

Usually, the best bikes for kids who are still starting are BMX and mountain bikes. If you want to go for a BMX, they are only limited to riding on smooth pavement or dirt, and they do not have other gear options for climbing steep hills. However, the upside for BMX is that it is lighter and smaller than mountain bikes. 

If you were to go for mountain bikes, ensure that your child has enough experience in riding one because they are usually large and heavy. You also need to teach them how to adjust their gears, especially when two shifters are on the handlebars. 

Tip #3: Consider Buying a Bike With or Without Training Wheels

Most kids that started taking an interest in biking usually had to go practice riding with training wheels the first time. The training wheels help them maintain balance when riding, and it is the most effective method of boosting their confidence to ride a bike without one in the long run. If your child does not have enough experience riding a bike, you can look for kids bikes with factory-installed training wheels. 

You do not have to worry if you have no choice but to buy a bike without training wheels because you have the option to install one on the bike’s rear wheels later on. 

Tip #4: Choosing Between Spoke and Alloy Wheels

Some bikes have alloy or spoke wheels installed, and they usually do not make any difference. If you want your kid’s bike to look cool, consider getting alloy wheels with an intricate design. But if you want the bike’s wheels to last longer, you can always go for spoke wheels. 

Motivating a child to develop a habit to ride a bike is important because it improves their psychomotor reflexes and movements, physical health, mental health and promotes learning development. Make sure you consider the several tips mentioned above to get your child started on this new healthy way of spending their time.