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In Dubai, there are 5 fun things to do and activities to participate in

If you’re searching for the top activities to experience in Dubai, we have all the answers. There are plenty of great activities and locations in Dubai, including stunning beaches, great rooftop bars, huge luxurious nightclubs, and desert escapes. To ensure that you don’t skip an even one, we’ve put together 100 of the top things to do and the top places to go to within Dubai on this page.
We present to you the best of Dubai’s water sports, outdoor adventures, cinema experiences, women evenings, brunches, happy hours, award-winning eateries with family-friendly entertainment spa days, the best places to go to in Dubai and much more.
It’s time to go out and start crossing these incredible things to accomplish within Dubai off your must-see places on your Dubai tour packages.

1. Burj Khalifa: Feel on top of the world

Burj Khalifa is the world’s highest artificial structure and is an iconic symbol of the UAE. At the viewing decks at the top of the tower, you can see the absolute beauty of the city of Dubai. The observation decks called ‘At the Top at the Top’ on the 124th floor and the brand new “At the Top Sky on the 148th floor draw an enormous number of people each day. Record-breaking prices were abound following the opening of Burj Khalifa in 2009.
The price for entry to the observation decks is contingent on the time of day that you select. A surprising number of people visit during the early morning and sunset times, though tickets are priced higher in these hours. If you’re looking to view the city in whole light or the twilight in the sky at night, you’ll be awed by the views from 555 meters above the ground. According to legend, those on the highest point, the Burj Khalifa sunset, occurs 4 minutes earlier than people at ground level.
The entire structure is 830m high, almost three times the height of the Eiffel Tower. The top of the tower can be seen up to 95km away if the weather permits

2. Dubai Water Canal

It was opened towards the end of 2016, and it is the essential addition in the last few years to Dubai’s list of water-based attractions. 2.7 billion AED was spent on this 3.2 km canal that runs through the heart of the most crowded area in the entire city. The canal also is a part of Sheikh Zayed Road before it connects with the Arabian Gulf.
The waterfront features a jogging track as well as the 12km cycle path. It is a great spot to enjoy a romantic evening out during the night. But you won’t wish to visit this place in the summer when the sun is rising over. In addition, after sunset, the promenade and the bridges that span the canal are smothered in light. The sides of Sheikh Zayed Road bridge have a mechanical waterfall, which is also drenched in violet lights. The waterfall uses sensors to open up for ferries and boats when they pass under the bridge.
Dubai Water Canal has changed the appearance of Business Bay forever. In contrast to others, this is located in the middle of an urban hub. As for Dubai, this is an enormous opportunity for massive development.
In the years ahead, the waterfront is expected to experience an incredible expansion, with the area being expanded to 80,000 square meters designed for housing and entertainment.
The canal is fantastic in the evening. The streetlights line the waterway are powered by solar panels, which recharge the batteries in daylight. Each of the light posts is equipped with charging stations and WiFi. There are several bridges you can walk over, and one of them appears as if it was that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco.

3. Dubai Frame – Picture perfect

The latest addition to Dubai’s list of architectural wonders is The Dubai Frame. It is the one that gives gold to the skyline of Dubai. The tower is situated in Zabeel Park. It is a boundary between two areas: Old Dubai and New Dubai.The photo frame-shaped landmark is two towers, every 150 meters in height, joined with a 93-meter bridge. The frame’s exterior is covered with gold-coloured stainless-steel cladding to pay homage to the rise of Dubai as a central gold trading hub.The mezzanine floor displays the history of Dubai upon entering it. Through mist projection screens, projectors and screens, the gallery tells the story of its humble origins for Dubai. It is possible to see the growing horizons when you walk via the windows of the elevator, from the mezzanine floor up to the Skydeck.On the Skydeck, the frames on both sides offer us two distinct views of Dubai. On one side is Old Dubai, which includes Karama, Bur Dubai, and Deira. In the distance, the most iconic creek can be seen flowing between low-rise structures.On the other hand, it is the brand-new Dubai featuring the vast and bustling Sheikh Zayed Road and iconic Burj Khalifa soaring into the skyline in the centre of Dubai. It is worth a trip over the acrophobia-inducing glass bridge.There’s another museum on the mezzanine level. However, this one is in the direction of returning, and this one is focused on how the world will change in Dubai equipped with cutting-edge Augmented Reality presentations.

4. Dubai Fountain- The dance of the water

Everybody knows that the highest structure in the world is located in Dubai. However, there’s something else to this. Just below Burj Khalifa, in the middle of the 30 acres, Burj Lake has the world’s tallest fountain. It’s the Dubai fountain. It’s also the most prominent choreographed water feature.The fountain can release 22,000 gallons, or 83,000 litres of water at 140 meters in height, nearly as tall as 50 stories of a building. It features five circular shapes of various sizes and two arcs that stretch around the Lake for 275 meters. The same people who designed the Bellagio Fountains located in Las Vegas were behind the design of the Dubai Fountain.The 6,600 WET lights and 25 projectors with colours give the fountain a stunning picture in the evening. The thing that draws viewers to the fountain is the choreography synced with music. The lights, the sounds, and the tumbling water will keep the spectators entertained for hours at a time.Because it’s situated between Dubai Mall and Souk AI Bahar, There are plenty of excellent views. If you’d like to see more at the Lake, you can buy access to the boardwalk that extends 272m to the edge of the Lake. You will be only 9m from the rising water that means there’s no way to avoid getting wet.If you are looking for an entirely different perspective, Take an Abra cruise around the Lake. The ride is a journey through the fountain while it flows.The fountain comes with three types of shooters that can release water in three different heights. The strongest of them can produce 500 feet high jets that make the fountain visible in the distance.

5. Dubai Garden Glow – Light it up

A place where children can play and also learn simultaneously. That’s the purpose of Dubai Garden Glow is. It is situated near Sheikh Zayed Road inside Zabeel Park, and it’s divided further into sections based on the theme. There are Glow Park, Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, and Art Park. Each offers a distinct atmosphere to the other and has a particular function to each.Dubai Garden Glow is the most prominent glow park in the world. The garden appears like every other garden in the daytime, with sculptures of dinosaurs and other figures. However, at sunset, the entire area changes.The Glow Park is home to sculptures of trees and wildlife that send a message of the importance of protecting our ecosystem. The artistic designs glow in the dark, emitting an ethereal ambience.With more than 120 dinosaur statues and more than 120 dinosaur sculptures, the Garden Glow is a Dinosaur Park that’s more than other parks similar to it. It’s all targeted towards children; however, this one in particular is. Kids will be entertained by engaging elements of the park, such as Dinosaur Lab, which showcases the prehistoric life of these creatures.It is necessary to purchase an additional ticket to access Ice Park. If you’re into modelling and arts, it’s worth it.