Baseball Cleats

Ins and Outs of Perfect Baseball Cleats

Baseball is one such game that relies on your feet. It is very common that players get injured while playing. To avoid the risk of getting injured, the baseball players should wear the right kind of shoes. Baseball shoes are unique unlike other sports shoes. These baseball shoes are referred to as “cleats”, featuring spikes attached to the soles for extra traction on a soft or slippery surface. It is the spike that helps the player to change direction while running through the bases. Depending on nature of the ground, there are different kinds of cleats made from different materials. As baseball is played on a variety of surfaces, cleats are designed accordingly to enhance your overall performance. Check out the different baseball cleats:

– Molded Rubber cleats have grooves and smaller protrusions in the middle of the sole. These baseball shoes are worn by youth players. Works better on loose dirt. Ideal choice for beginners and intermediate level players. PG

– Metal cleats feature round bladed studs around the edges that are pointed in different directions. This type of cleats offers excellent traction on grass fields and dirt surfaces. Works better on places where they can penetrate grass and sand surface. High school, college and professional players use metal cleats which have permanent metal spikes.

– Turf cleats come with rubber bottoms, featuring shallow patterns for more traction and works well on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Ideal for training and field drills.

– Interchangeable cleats – As the name suggests, the studs can be changed from metal to rubber. The studs can be easily screwed on and off.

How to choose baseball shoes?

There are few simple factors that you need to consider before you look for the right baseball cleats for your feet.

Age matters when you are buying cleats. If you are a young boy, then the molded youth baseball cleats are best suited for playing. And for pro, metal cleats are excellent for maximum traction. It doesn’t stop with that.

Next comes your shoe style! Don’t forget to find out the shoe style you need. Shoe style is determined by the height of the ankle. With different height options available such as high top, mid top and low top, pick the one that fits well. For weak ankles, both high top and mid top are preferred. The low top cleats are found to be lighter and more flexible when compared to mid top and high top cleats.

You can find a vast selection of baseball cleats from major brands including Nike, Mizuno, Under Armor, 3n2, and more. Whether you are a beginner or professional player, choose the perfect footwear to ensure superior fit and stability. Enhance your overall performance by wearing high quality baseball footwear!