KBC Lucky Draw Winning is Real or Fake

A famous Indian television show under the name of “Kaun Banega Crore Pati” is simply called KBC. A Hindi language official game show. Its first season was aired in 2000 under the hosting of “AMITABH BACHAN”

This is originally a British show named “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ”. KBC is an official Hindi version of this British show. The first two seasons were continuously hosted by AMITABH BACHAN and the only third season was given to SHAH RUKH KHAN. This show was firstly aired on “Star plus” an Indian tv channel, and from season first to third this show was presented by the same channel and then from season four, the Sony entertainment television (another Hindi channel) started to present KBC programs up till now.

An Indian version of the British show ” Kaun Banega Crore Pati ” has a similar format to “who wants to be a millionaire”. The pattern of this game is, contestants are supposed to ask questions and be given multiple choices, contestants must have to choose a correct answer from the possible options, they are also provided by three helplines if they get confused. Choosing a single wrong answer will make the contestant disqualified, or the right answer qualifies the contestant to another level of winning. In the starting, the winning amount was one crore, and then from the 7th season, they offered seven crores to the winners.

What is the KBC lucky draw and is this real or fake?

As we all know that this show has the biggest name as an Indian television 

The game show, so as an outstanding, popular show there are some rumors about rumors too that they are not offering KBC lucky draw. Yes, no doubt KBC is offering multiple lucky draws to INDIA like the 25k lottery, 35k lottery, or 50k lottery as well. They are offering this lottery to every Indian number, what they need to do is only on the headquarter number of KBC then the number will get registered for the KBC lucky draw which is hosted by a legend personality of India ” the Amitabh Bachan”.

Whatsapp voicemail and written messages might be scams

Almost every year Sony television begins its biggest show ” Kaun Banega Crore Pati ” hosted by Amitabh Bachan, and with the announcement of this show scammers also get activated. These scammers select some random numbers for WhatsApp calls, they record a voicemail for the victim saying that your number has got selected for the lucky draw and you are a KBC lottery winner, you have won a 25k lottery, they also guide victims about just following some simple steps they will receive their winning amount, these steps are anything, they may ask for depositing some amount for the processing fee, or they may ask to deposit amount as for assurance fee and so on. 

So many tricks have been used by the scammers to loot Indians. Cybercrime police have taken notice of this scamming situation.

Beware and avoid scam calls, voicemails on WhatsApp

Receiving any call or messages on WhatsApp by an unknown number saying that you have won a lucky draw lottery ticket, never take it seriously; it may be a fake call. There are several cases registered every month that the fraud person calls or messages the random numbers and wishes them congratulations that they have won the 25k KBC lottery and even they will get a chance to meet the filmy legend the Amitabh Bachan who is the host of the enormous show KBC. The cybercrime officers requested the Indian people to please don’t believe in those scam calls or messages. The suggestion is before trusting on any unknown call or messages you need to check some authenticity.

How to avoid getting scammed

When every person gets calls informing about the winning amount by KBC the people get excited and unable to think about the fraudsters or scammers, they start doing the action as the fraudsters guide victims, no.! Before coming into action be aware of scams, just go and check the authenticity of that call or voice mail. KBC does not approach you by such types of texts or voicemails, so if you have received such types of calls, voicemails and texts just complain to the police and cybercrime department. Send the authorities full information about the call and their promise. If you are receiving such calls, again and again, don’t pick that call up just disconnect that call immediately, when you receive any message or voice message just observe the logo of that avatar you notice that is a fake one, after receiving these types of fake messages immediately report to the cybercrime government web site.

It’s your responsibility to avoid WhatsApp fraudsters

The KBC team is strictly informing every Indian that they are not responsible for any type of fraud through calls or messages. You just have to be aware of these types of people. The KBC team gives the guideline that if anyone has won the lottery prize stay calm and must avoid the publicity, if the person does that, he may get some horrible results in this case. Keeping yourself silent can keep you away from frauds. These fraud people are engaged in providing fake lottery papers, that papers claim that you have won an amount like 25k, 35k or 50k, etc on WhatsApp for receiving the winning prize contact the “Mr: ABC” or “Mr: XYZ” and then the fake person will ask you to deposit assurance fee or prize claiming fees.

That’s true, winning a prize makes you excited, but be aware of India…! Every WhatsApp call is not real, you have to verify it and observe what their logo or avatar picture is saying, never follow the instruction by unknown numbers, immediately inform the police with the information you have about that unknown WhatsApp number. The KBC team is not accountable for any scam that happened with you.