Online Betting On Volleyball: Basics For Beginners

Football, hockey, and tennis have the greatest number of fans among bettors. Only some of them try other sports, such as volleyball. Not everyone understands this game, which makes it a rather narrow direction in online betting at Meanwhile, volleyball markets often offer interesting outcomes that can be lucrative to bet on.

What To Know About Volleyball

Volleyball is played on a court of 18 by 9 meters with a net in the center, which is stretched at different heights for men’s and women’s competitions. Teams are tasked with dropping the ball into the opponent’s half without violating the rules. A team shouldn’t make over 3 touches of the ball during the rally, and blocking the ball at the net isn’t a touch.

There are several types of well-known game terms, such as dig, spike, or bump. Keep in mind the many mistakes that can be made in the game. The most famous of these are double touch (one player takes 2 touches in a row), hitting the ball outside the court, or touching the net during a rally.

The ball is usually struck with the hand, but other parts of the body are also allowed. Teams play to win in three games to 25 points. Note that the game is won by a difference of at least two goals. If the game score is 24:24, the opponents will play until there is a gap of 2 goals.

How To Analyze Volleyball Matches

Statistics is one of the most important points when analyzing events for online betting. Consider team results and game form, but don’t be lazy to analyze the individual performance of volleyball players. Ideally, calculate the percentage of successful serves and receptions of the key players.

It’s significant to study the data of volleyball players blocking shots. Specialized sites help you study information about athletes at major competitions, but if you bet on non-spread championships, you will have to spend a lot of time searching.

Remember about motivation. If there are two matches in a week, but one of them is an ordinary match, and the other decides the fate of reaching the next round of the Eurocup, the mood will be appropriate. Most likely, the less significant matchup will be sacrificed.

Study the news, interviews, and social media of volleyball players. Trust official and reliable sources. The microclimate in the team affects the psychological state, which is essential and functional.

Tips For Betting On Volleyball

To begin to understand the sport, the first thing to understand is which volleyball tournaments are the most meaningful. In 1964, volleyball became an Olympic discipline, and now it’s one of the most significant tournaments, taking place once every 4 years.

Men’s and Women’s World Championships are organized within the same time frame, but the World Cup shouldn’t be confused with the Championship. The first tournament is a qualification for the Olympic Games, to which the strongest teams qualify.

The Women’s World Grand Prix and the Men’s World League are the most famous competitions among online betting fans. European and other continental championships are also organized, not to mention national championships and international club tournaments.

The key rule of online betting is that a volleyball player’s level isn’t as significant as in football or hockey. A more essential feature is team spirit and cohesion during the match. The more games played by the core team, the better the chances of success.

Volleyball matches are played constantly and often, and the breaks aren’t as big as in other sports. So, before placing a bet, consider the accumulated fatigue of the team and the quality of preparation.