Online Cricket Betting

Online Cricket betting 

As you can see, betting on cricket and subsequently profiting from it is not a hard task. It’s as simple as ABC if you know how to do it correctly. Below you will find essential tips for cricket betting online as well as non-trivial rules of cricket, which few people might ever hear about. 

Standard Cricket Rules

  1. The 3rd Bouncer is called a No Ball.
  2. The ball going down the leg side without touching a Batsman will be called wide if its length is pretty far from the Batsman or touching the wide line. Otherwise, it would be a fair delivery.
  3. For the off-stump line, it’s the same as in ODI.
  4. There’s no free hit.
  5. Both Teams have 2 DRS referrals for each inning while bowling and batting.
  6. There’s no D/L method here.
  7. There is a fine for slow over the rate that is if you don’t bowl the minimum required overs that were required to be bowled on that day.
  8. There is a penalty for misbehavior and violation of the code of conduct by a player.

Latest updates in Cricket 

Cricket rules can be reviewed year by year. Despite the standard rules being kept unchanged, there are always some newly introduced additional points for cricket fans to consider. 

  • The Caribbean Premier League was set to run till the 19th of September 2021. Each of the Caribbean Premier League squads has arranged lists of their players who will be taking the kick-off. Below are the updated lists of the players who will remain in the squad, those released, and those newly signed.
  • In this first phase of the IPL, you have watched several players put up exceptional performances that brought them on the top players’ list of IPL 2021. The list that was released based on their immaculate run in the first phase of IPL 14 includes Ravindra Jadeja, Kieron Pollard, Moeen Ali, and Andre Russell.
  • IPL 2nd phase schedule is announced and all the remaining matches’ games will take place in Dubai. A total of 3 venues in UAE, namely, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah will be hosting the matches of the 14th edition of IPL

What is a Cricket Test Match?

  1. You have 5 days or 450 overs to complete a match which will see either side batting twice.
  2. Each day has 3 sessions (30 overs each).
  3. Team A bats first, Team B thereafter and the same is repeated. However, if the team batting second scores 200 or even lesser than the opponent team’s score, they are liable to bat again (as per the follow-on rule).
  4. According to the latest rules, you (batting or bowling) can opt for DRS twice every 80 overs, per inning, till 160 overs. DRS doesn’t apply after that.

Apart from the rules, one must know that Test Cricket is called real cricket because it tests not just your skills as a player but your ability to read the game, maintain the same commitment over 5 days, and strategies that will eventually help you win.

How to bet on a Cricket Test Match?

There are 4 possible results in a Test match. Win, lose, draw and tie. Consider them before placing a bet to increase your chances of winning.

  1. Win: If the team scores more run from their innings than the other team or dismiss all batsmen from the other team before they can reach the target or if the opposing team concedes the match, they win.
  2. Lose: The team loses the match if all the batsmen of the team are dismissed before they reach the target score set by the other team or if they are unable to dismiss all batsmen of the other team before they reach the target or if they concede the match.
  3. Draw: The match is drawn if there is no conclusive result at the end of day 5. This can happen under a variety of circumstances like a team being unable to defeat the other team, not being able to continue the match due to bad weather, or dangerous playing conditions.
  4. Tie: If all batsmen of both teams are dismissed and the combined scores of both innings are the same.

Cricket betting tips 

There is one golden rule that winning small is much better than losing big. People who understand that will always try to save their bet. Using the tips below, you will succeed in the above statement. 

  • Play with the same limit in every match. (Example: You have INR 50,000 to play with. Set the limit up to INR 10,000. You can also play session 5000 and match by 5000 etc.)
  • Remember you are betting against 2 people, One is Bookie(who sets the rate) and the other is Fixer(without which bookie is nothing).
  • Overs remaining of each bowler should always be kept in mind. We suggest you not to bet unless and until bumrah finishes his spell.
  • Try not to play sessions only play on a team nobody can beat bookie in sessions in a long run this is the biggest reason for punters to be in loss.
  • Always try to bet on a match which you are seeing live (using the Live stream of the match).
  • Do try to play all the matches. 
  • Betting on long-term markets is the best way to make money from betting.
  • Make the research about the team and its players you are about to bet on. Watch every cricket game. Know the ins and outs of the game. Strengths and weaknesses. As you watch more and more games you’ll be able to assess the probability of the game. Then, you can bet money on the outcome of a game.
  • Try to write your mistakes and try not to repeat them next time.
  • Never put a great sum of money, however sure you are of the outcome. Bet the money which will not put a huge hole in your pocket is gone.
  • Divide your budget into 5 + parts (better to be placed on different bookmakers). 
  • Withdraw the winning the next day. 
  • Keep your emotions and ego in check. Most of the time, these two factors make you lose money.
  • Always analyze the pitch conditions and team combinations before betting.
  • Betting is all mathematics. The ratios offered are completely dependent on the situation of the match at a particular instance and the amount of money already put on each of the teams. Bookies earn their money from balancing the amount of money being invested in each of the teams. 
  • Register on multiple websites to diversify your bets and have a clear picture of odds, offered by different bookmakers. As a result, you won’t lose much money in the first stages and you will also have a clear vision of the reliability of a particular online betting website.