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I was already upset but after listening to Abhishek and Neha I got more upset. I could not understand my friend’s room partner already had an affair with my girlfriend Neha. If there was anything between Abhishek and Neha, why didn’t he tell me? I was getting upset thinking this and Abhishek came in the room at the same time.

Tell me what happened to my Devdas, why are you sitting with your hanging mouth, Abhishek came and said to me.

 I did not respond to Abhishek’s words!!!

What happened? Why are you sitting like this, Abhishek said again.

Abhishek, I want to ask you something, I said in a very sad and slow voice.
 Yes ask but don’t feel so sad he asked in a funny tone
Was there anything between you and Neha, did you both love each other? I said

Is This Love?

school life love story part 6

By the way, whom are you talking about? Are you talking about your girlfriend,
Yes I am asking about the same Neha I said teasingly
 Brother, have you gone mad? Well what relationship can I have with your girlfriend, he said, bringing a strange feeling on his face.
Look, Abhishek, I know about you and Neha. It would be good, to tell the truth, all that is between you and Neha.

Abhishek kept quiet for some time and after that, he started speaking, yes there was something between us she was my girlfriend. I used to love her before Khushboo. We both had a good relationship but she did not love me.

She was cheating on me as I know these things, I broke up with her. And in the meantime, I was proposed by Neha’s friend Khushboo. When I had a breakup, Khushboo was hitched up to me on Facebook.

And from Facebook, we both started talking, then the number changed, then started loving each other, but Khushboo is a completely different girl from Neha, so I believe in her, but whatever happened in past, I have forgotten that things.

And everything in my life is Khushboo, and bro i am always used to telling you again and again that does not fall in Neha’s affair,She will ruin you.

But I did not want to tell you openly, I did not want to share with you the deception I had in my love, because I loved Neha very much at that time and her infidelity continues to hurt me to this day.

Is This Love? School Love Story Part-6 |school life love story

Bro, I am sorry that I had not told you before, saying this, Abhishek stood near the gate and he turned towards me, a slight tear was dripping in his eyes.

I had never seen this form of Abhishek till now, I did not think that, that person can ever cry, who laughs at every little thing. I did not know that he is hiding the pain of infidelity in his heart.

“Man still you could tell me I said”

is this love?

Brother, when did you give me a chance to tell me, when the conversation between you two started, and when did you let me know, by the time I know about you and Neha you had fallen in love with her.

And at that time, by telling I did not want to hurt you, I thought that Neha must have improved now and so you may have started feeling and everything will be normal. Abhishek said

But if there was a breakup between the two of you, then why did you go together while visiting Rajgir? Brother, I did not want to take her but Neha is Khushboo’s friend and she told me that if we do not take Neha along with us then she will not be able to go, so I had to take her with us. Anyway, Neha and Khushboo are both friends and she had taken her with us.

And the Khushboo was well known about the relationship and breakup between us so maybe I didn’t feel any problem.

School life Love Story – Is this Love?

Khushboo had taken her with us and I had no hand to invite her. Anyway, Neha and Khushboo are both friends.

You are right, Khushboo is well known about your breakup. Shaale your girlfriend was proposing to me today, and that is what has provoked you. I replied bluntly

What the hell are you Speaking? All the colors had gone from his face.

Yes, I am right, If you haven’t believed so look at this, I showed my phone call history to Abhishek.

Maybe she will call you to talk to me,
 No, no son, I have her call recording. Auto call recording is always on in my phone.

 After listening the audio of our conversation which is in my phone, he went to bed and lay down for a few minutes.

love story school life

we were sitting in Jayaprakash Park In the evening on the same day, both of us were just going through the same things in our mind, after all, we were going through the same sorrow, his girl betrayed him and my girl cheated me.
 There was something else different with Abhishek, his girlfriend proposed to his partner, and that was me.

You are saying that Neha is pregnant and her boyfriend Kundan has told you this. And you say you have used Protection whenever you have s*x with her, then how can she become pregnant, how? Abhishek spoke with a face of great concern.

I think the father of that child would be Kundan, now that he has known about me and Neha, then he must have wanted to leave Neha and want to leave this pot of sin on me to leave her or else how Neha can become a mother? I said

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