Patios and their Best Suited Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor is simply more than filling a space outside the house. It involves purchasing the right outdoor furniture and accessories – aesthetic, comfortable, great add-on, and trend. Overall, it should be like a part of the house itself!

Although this takes time and is pricy, with the advancements in technology, one can easily rent outdoor furniture of their choice.


Countries like Indonesia, Australia, etc., have more than half their landmass covered with farms. Thus they are home to thousands of proud farmers and are actively part of the country’s agricultural export. Australia has about 51% of its landmass, is certified as the world’s organic agriculture hectares, and is home to many farmers.

Outdoor furniture suitable for this kind of home: celebrating various harvest festivals, or a family lunch would involve a rustic folding table or a classic bistro table and a few comfortable cocoon chairs/deck chairs/low armchairs.

Besides the furniture, a fireplace could be set up for winter parties, an icebox or freezer to store chilled beers, and a charcoal barbeque. Having small potted plants put up on the wall and designer lights will add to the aesthetic.


This is a beautiful getaway for a vacation with family and friends. Many places around the world besides the beach hotspot qualify as iconic beaches and have thousands of visitors during the summer.

Most people rent beach houses, and to have the eye-catching one, you ought to make it aesthetic. In terms of the overall look, you can have a 2-3 storeyed building with long-sealed glass windows to enhance the view, and the outside area can be located either on the ground floor or as a beach deck with stairs on the second or topmost floor and can be designed in two ways:

It can have simple, comfortable armchairs, cocoon chairs, and a teapoy table and plants lying in corners. This will make a great set-up if placed at the angle of a great view. Or, it can involve stairs leading to a half-covered terrace where one can sunbathe sitting on a lounger and a cafe or round table to place their drink and an umbrella canopy. There can be a minibar, coloured lights, and a hot tub to exude the beachy vibe.

Apartments & Bungalows

With the increasing population, there’s a need for shelter, and apartments serve this purpose. Nobody would think twice about designing their home; in fact, people go out of their way and make purchases to own the best of its kind – be it accessories or furniture or any personalised detailing.

The patio area plays a crucial role in deciding how it should be styled. Furniture-wise, a family-friendly two- or three-seater sofa, a single garden swing, and a low table would make a perfect fit. If the outdoor space is roofed with a heater, it will make it cozy for a family to spend their tea-time together. 

For a smaller area like a balcony, one/two armchairs or round beanbag sofas arranged on a rug and a lower coffee table would make it the perfect place to chill.

Furniture suitable for the front porch will include:

  • A rocking chair or wooden swing on one side.
  • A high table.
  • A wedge sofa with cushions on the other with a mini chandelier for light and substantial potted plants symmetry.

All this furniture accompanied with mini photo frames, candles, and dim lights would simply beautify the place.