Popular Accepted Diet Plans for Your Health

The majority of the people living in the cities are suffering from obesity and that is why they are trying different kinds of diets to decrease their weight. Such as a special k diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, Atkins diet plan, The Zone Diet, Ketogenic diet, raw food diet, and many other plans. In this article, we would take look at some well know diet plans.

If we talk in brief the diet is the habit of eating a specific food and avoid eating food which has been banned as per that diet plant so that the person is able to reduce their weight in an expected amount of time.

So here is a list of widely accepted diet plans

  • Atkins Diet

This plan is more focused on decreasing the intake of the carbohydrate and so as to control the levels of the insulin.

It has been found out that consuming refined carbohydrates in larger quantities will increase or decrease the insulin level in the body of a person speedily. Due to which the body tends to store the energy which it has got from food instead of using it. So the already stored fats in the body are not being used. 

So people following this diet eat protein and fats in large quantities and avoid any intake of carbohydrates. It is highly recommended that a person who wants to follow this regime needs to consult with their doctors first.

  • Vegetarian Diet

In this diet plan, the person is allowed to eat only things that are obtained from plants, in this plan they are not allowed non-vegetarian food. Chicken, eggs, pork, meat, and beef are strictly not allowed in this diet plan. Also eating all colors of vegetables is important, due to which all vitamin requirement is being met.  

Do include spinach, kale, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, fermented vegetables, tomatoes, garlic, and onions. It is highly recommended that eat local and seasonal vegetables that would be very good for your health. 

In recent studies, it has been found that people who follow a vegetarian diet usually have less body weight, they are less prone to diseases, they would tend to have more life expectancy than the people who consume meat. 

  • Vegan Diet

In this form of diet, people follow a vegetarian diet along with that stay away from animal meat and animal bases products too. Which would include eggs, dairy, and honey. People who follow this plan not only follow this because of health reasons but they are more concerned about the environment, about animal cruelty and they have sympathetic nature towards the animals. 

Along with that, they prefer organic food, as they believe that modern farming is causing harm to nature. As a lot of pesticides and chemicals are being used in today’s farming that is why the end result is not so fruitful. If people would eat plant-based foods, it would be very beneficial for the environment in long term. Also, the way animals are treated in dairy and the amount of torture they have to go through is immense. That is why they have distanced themselves from consuming dairy-related products too. 

  • The Zone Diet

In this form of diet, we would have a balanced diet, it would be divided in following way 40-30-30. So the person following this diet plan need to have 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of fats, and last but not least 30% proteins. The major concern here is to control the insulin levels which may result in weight loss and control the ever-increasing body weight.  In this kind of food plan, people need to have a good quality carbohydrate, fats. They can include olive oil, avocado, raisins, and nuts. If you eat animals fats then, suet is the best option, so what is suet, it is raw fat hard fat which taken from an animal body such as cow, goat, or lamb and stored so that it can be used later on for preparing other dishes.

  • Ketogenic Diet

People who suffer from epilepsy, have been following this diet plan for a while now. In recent times many people have adopted this method for better improvement of their health. In this method intake of carbohydrates is reduced and the fat intake is increased, due to which the body burns fat as a fuel rather than utilizing carbohydrates as fuel.

Coconuts, Brazil nuts, fish, olive oil, avocados should be included in the diet so that the body gets good fats which can act as fuel for the body. 

If people follow this diet then their body breaks down the fat deposits which are used as fuel, due to this a substance called ketones are being created and this process is called ketosis. This process has done wonders for many of the people following this diet plan strictly.


If you go through the above article, it would give your gist of all the popular diet plans which are there in the market. Follow the above diet plant under the proper guidance of a doctor or a nutritionist.

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