The Best Watch Brand

Rolex: 6 Reasons Why It’s The Best Watch Brand

There are so many reasons to buy a wristwatch, Maybe to celebrate your graduation ceremony, the beginning of your promising career, or marriage. There may be no special occasions, but you think it’s time to start wearing iconic watches. While there are many options out there, there are only a handful of names that can compete with Rolex when it comes to luxury watches.

The Best Watch Brand
The Best Watch Brand

If you have been thinking about setting foot in the world of high-end watches, then one of the first names you must have heard of is the Rolex. The brand is one of the most powerful wristwatch companies in the world. But is this the only reason to own it? Of course not. Whether it’s your first time buying a wristwatch or not, here are seven good reasons to convince you that owning a Rolex should be on your list.

1. Status Symbol

The most influential and outstanding celebrities in the world wear a Rolex for a reason. From famous Hollywood actors to famous athletes, musicians, and political leaders, everyone supports this brand because it represents power, strength, and authority. Become the owner of the most powerful statement watch globally and join the ranks of the most famous people in the world.

Some brands focus on trends over time, and they will change as popularity rises and falls. But Rolex watches are just timeless masterpieces, from design to function to superior quality. This is why they have surpassed the time limit and stayed in fashion year after year, decade after decade. If anything, its value will only increase in any sense.

2. Quality

When it comes to some high-end brands, you may feel that the name and popularity do not justify the price in terms of quality. This is not the case here. Rolex watches are meticulous in designing and manufacturing to ensure that each component can’t create the highest quality final product. Each product is carefully selected and made from some of the best materials in the world, bringing you the highest quality watches ever. These luxury watches are made of only the hardest, highly corrosion-resistant steel alloy 904L or 18k gold with improved polishing capabilities to keep them shining.

The company even has a dedicated integrated gemology department responsible for sourcing and verifying the most valuable hand-selected diamonds and gems. Then each watch undergoes a series of final inspections to ensure that they exceed established watchmaking standards tested by the Swiss official observatory. All these arduous procedures have been put in place to ensure that every watch is worth the money, not just on its luxury reputation.

Another ideal benefit of owning a classic is that it complements everything. It is not only suitable for meeting rooms, but when you leave the company meeting room, you can wear this stylish watch for night parties or even casual outfits. Its understated beauty is part of the brand’s obvious identity.

3. Purpose Driven

There is a great story behind every iconic model of this famous watch brand. This is why these watches are considered the original tool watches. Many brands’ classic models are designed and manufactured for specific, functional, and often fascinating and adventurous purposes.

For example: in 1959, Pan American World Airlines requested the creation of GMT-Master to allow its pilot crew to take the first intercontinental flight from New York to Moscow. In another case, Rolex introduced the Milgauss model for people working in solid electromagnetic environments such as nuclear laboratories, while the Submariner was designed for underwater divers.

4. Durability

Rolex watches undergo extreme endurance tests. Some examples include countless drop tests, countless dives in salt water, sand, and chlorinated water tanks, and many more tests to determine durability, toughness, and toughness. These watches can survive the harshest conditions, as most other clocks will. Stop working immediately or eventually. This makes them a symbol of power and a symbol of luxury and status.

For example, the Rolex Explorer watch is made with a special lubricant that is highly durable and resistant to movement and extreme change at different temperatures. Mountain climbers are primarily interested in Rolex as they can experience significant temperature fluctuations day and night.

 5. Craftsmanship

When you buy a Rolex, you’re paying for the level of craftsmanship and time put in the production of each piece. The time required to assemble and decorate this luxury watch by hand requires a lot of time to complete its various parts. The bezel of each watch takes 40 hours to complete, and making bracelets is also a time-consuming task. Even the gold, bezel, bracelet, dial, and case are manufactured in-house. Assembling each watch requires hours of hard work, followed by an endless series of stress tests to ensure that the wristwatch is worth the money.

6. Value

Although it will undoubtedly vary from model to model, Rolex watches generally retain their value over time. Some models will always be appreciated, especially retro and limited editions. Many people even buy this watch as an investment. As a valuable asset, the wristwatch has a dual purpose and will appreciate over time. You can find hundreds of reasons to buy such a precious and luxurious watch.  

Vintage Rolex watches have a high intrinsic value when in good condition. Rolex collectors love Rolex’s long-standing investment in wearables, especially sports models such as the Submariner, Daytona, and Explorer. This is a model that is growing in value faster and more consistently than most other classic watches. In general, Rolex’s most elegant watches do not receive immediate ratings, but there are exceptions.

Scarce models like the hard-to-find stainless steel Day-Date cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The Rolex name has been synonymous with success, luxury, and achievement for decades. The brand has an appeal that transcends age, generation, culture, and gender; it is undoubtedly one of the most recognized status symbols. To own a watch of this brand is to wear a wristwatch that reflects history, tradition, strength, success, and power. Most collectors and watch enthusiasts desire to own a Rolex.