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So let’s start our Sad Love Story in English
At the end of the last part, we had read that Abhishek and Rajiv were sitting in the park thinking about Neha that she was pregnant, If you did not do anything with her and Kundan told that he didn’t do anything, then how can Neha be pregnant.

Now further______

But as far as you are telling that Kundan has not come home from duty for the last seven to eight months and the child in his stomach is around 140 days, then how can this be possible.
Yes, you are right, this child maybe 7 to 8 months old.
 Are you mad? If the child was 7 to 8 months old, Neha’s bumper could be seen well, but nothing like this has changed in her.

1 minute, we can do this, we ask for the medical report from Kundan, Abhishek said.
I called Kundan and asked him to WhatsApp that medical report.
 Brother according to this report, the child is really Two to two and a half months old. Abhishek spoke expressing concern.

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sad love story in english

We both were completely silent after seeing the report on WhatsApp, we could not understand what to do. Neither Kundan wanted to adopt The Child, and how can I adopt the sin of others?

Because it was almost 3 months since our breakup, I was thinking something then Abhishek suddenly spoke.
 1 minute, I think Neha is still in touch with him.
With whom I spoke in a worried voice.

I am speaking about the same bastard that caused the end of love between me and Neha. I meant the breakup, said Abhishek.
Brother, first tell me who is he and where he lives?
Aditya, son of the owner of the building in which Neha used to live, he is a number one laundress eagle. Most of the girls living in that building had stuck their stitches, and Neha was one of them and one of those girls.

What are you talking, she is such a Bi*ch girl. I said while raining my face.

Yes man, for the first time I also considered her a very good girl. One in a million, the dream queen, I had seen the dream of having spent my whole life with her.

We both went to the caves of hills in Rajgir holding each other hand.
And not only that, we spent many nights together in hotels. But when I know about her, I was also surprised, I could not believe that Neha could do this to me.

But saw Aditya and Neha together several times, saw them talking on phone, and one day I got a call from Aditya on Neha’s mobile. At that time Neha was in the bathroom and I received her phone. So I talked to him, after that I took the number and we met.

Sad Love Story in English | Is This Love? Part – 7

sad love story in english

Then Aditya told me all the things.

Then there was starting fight between me and Neha about this, then she broke up with me one day. Abhishek said

At this time, tears came out from his eyes and dripped down on his cheeks.

But now Neha lives in a girls hostel, I said

Yes, but maybe Aditya and Neha are still in touch with each other. Anyway, Aditya and Neha live in Rajgir. When we could keep in touch with her from Patna, could Aditya not stay in touch from the same city? Abhishek had a point, I kept quiet and then suddenly spoke.

Well you just said that you had taken Aditya’s number from Neha’s mobile, so do you still have his number in your mobile?

If you have, then call on it. I said

Yes bro, I had taken the number, and I had that, but that is not in this mobile, that was in my old phone, which is currently using my younger brother.

Then talk to your brother and ask him for the number.

Abhishek took out his phone and immediately called his brother but sadly his brother told that he had reset the phone the very next day after taking the phone.
Due to which all the data was lost from that phone, the only way to contact Aditya was that we once again go to Rajgir from Patna and meet Aditya.

But there was no guarantee that Aditya would be found by going there.
Maybe Aditya no longer lives there, he may have shifted somewhere else, or he may have been separated for studies.

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I had Abhishek’s mobile in my hands and was looking at all the contacts from the top to bottom of the contact list. Meanwhile, I said to Abhishek, did you log in your old phone with the same email id which is right now in your phone or there was another email id?

No, that was my second email ID. When I took a new phone, I made a new email ID and logged in.
Remember the old email id?
I do not remember but I will get that ID from mobile mail, but why are you asking about the old email ID.

See bro, the number that is saved in most Android phones is also saved on the storage of email ID along with the internal memory of the mobile.

If you log in it on another mobile phone, then all this number will also come on that phone, if his number is saved in the old email id, then we will log in this phone, and then that number can be brought into this phone.

After hearing this, a different glow started appearing on Abhishek’s face.
He started to think that I will find Aditya’s number, we came to our room, Abhishek started removing all his documents.

He told me, he used the same email ID while filling the Bihar Police form, and the email ID could also be printed on the print-form which he got at the time he filled the Bihar Police form.

Thinking that we were searching for the Bihar Police document in his file.
Got this email ID, he gave the printout to me and said that. we started logging that email id into our mobile.

What is its password i asked?

Sad Love Story in English | Is This Love?

Brother, when the email id cannot be remembered, how will the password be remembered?

Ok, let me check I recovered the password of the email id. Now the email id was logged in, we are scrolling and looking for his number.

This is the number we got it…
Abhishek had saved his number under the name Aditya Bahn Chod. We dialed that number and his number was busy.

Bastard must have been talking to Neha, Abhishek said.
When we tried two or three minutes, the call was made.
I told you not to call my number, why are you calling again. Aditya said
even I also have no interest in talking to you. I am calling you to ask a few things.

Aditya didn’t any answer correctly of any question and disconnected the call.

Now we were wondering what to do, how can that information be found? That he is Neha & Aditya’s child.
Even if he, then why would Aditya tell us all, we thought again and gave information to Kundan about him.

Now Kundan had known about me, Abhishek and Aditya, he was also feeling guilty about himself After knowing all. After all, what type of girl was he loving so much.

After knowing all this, Kundan called us to meet together.
He told us that we would sit and discuss this, what to do, and Kundan asked for Aditya’s number.

He said, I will make him understand, you meet tomorrow in the ground behind Rajgir bus stand.

The next day, we all, me Abhishek, Aditya, and Kundan were sitting in the ground behind the bus stand.
So you say now there is no relationship between you and Neha asked Kundan to Aditya.

Is This Love? Part – 7 | school love story

I am telling the truth, 1 year ago, all the relationship between us has ended.
Ever since she vacated the room from my building and shifted to girls hostel.

After some time our relationship has deteriorated and our breakup has happened. Aditya said while giving his clarification.

Maybe this can happen, even after the breakup, both of you would spend some night in a hotel, I said it in little sarcastic.

No, it is not so, yes, when she used to stay in my building, I used to stay in her room 3 to 4 nights a week.
I am not talking to her now, Aditya said.

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