Save Your Precious Time: Buy Stylish Rings Online

Pretty hands are enough to get us girls smiling all day long. You can get the most expensive manicure done, and wear a cute nail shade, to make your hands look and feel prettier than ever, but there would always be something that your hands would lack.

That one thing my dear ladies is a ring. Nothing can make your hands look more graceful than a ring. Doesn’t matter if you are a married woman or not, rings are for everybody. They are enough to keep you smiling all day.

But if you are to buy rings available online for yourself, or your beloved, it’s not easy as it sounds – especially if you are buying an expensive diamond, or gold ring online. You might pick the wrong ring, or worst-case scenario -get duped by an online store. 

Did we hit the right chord? We know that’s what you fear. But just so you know it’s safe and rather more convenient to buy rings online. So, don’t hold yourself back. Instead, lean on these tips to make buying rings online easy and safer.

A Few Tips to Buy Rings Online (Diamond):

You cannot guess if a diamond is real or fake just by the looks of it. Even fake diamonds like Zirconia look as shiny and as dazzling as a real diamond. Thus, it’s easy to fall prey to frauds and scams when you buy rings online.

Here are some tips to help you if you want to buy rings online:

Always Ask for Diamond Certification:

A certification is proof of the authenticity of a diamond. Grading laboratories certify real diamonds. Certification is necessary as it can serve as insurance if you end up buying a fake ring by mistake.

When you buy rings online from authentic stores, they will send out a certificate of diamond certification.

Do a Breath or Sandpaper Test:

That’s not us, but science doing the talking. Just so you know, diamonds are good conductors of heat.  If you exhale on the diamond, the fog your breath will create will vanish instantly.  As for a sandpaper test, if you rub sandpaper on a fake diamond, you will see a few scratches on the surface.

A Few Tips to Buy Rings Online (Gold):

The world is not a pretty place. You can find lots of scams running related to the sale of gold jewellery. Just like diamond rings, you can end up buying fake gold rings. Therefore, to avoid that from happening, here are a few tips:

Check for Purity

Checking the purity of gold is of utmost necessity. Purity can be checked by the hallmark present on the piece of jewellery. A hallmark indicates the official proportion of gold used in the jewellery. A hallmark carries a particular number engraved along with the BIS stamp. It also contains the hallmark year and a special mark to identify the jeweller. What you have to do is find the letter “K” which indicates karat, aka, the percentage of purity.

For example, if you are buying a 22kt gold ring online, it should contain 91.6 % pure gold. Therefore, you will have to look for “916” engraved in the gold ring.

Check the Weight

It is crucial to check the weight of the actual gold that you are about to buy. Since other stones used in the making can also make the weight heavier, you might pay a high price. Therefore, check the specification mentioned on the website before you buy rings online.

Whether you are planning to Buy a Gold or Diamond Ring, Buy from the Best

From gold rings to diamond rings, you have a lot to choose from. Whichever is your pick, ensure that you are only buying from the best. Go for reputed brands, instead of the obscure ones that offer rings cheaper – it’s mostly a scam.

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