School Love Story Part – 5 | Romantic Story

romantic story:-Maybe next month we would have an arrangement, well Neha cheated with me, so what should I tell you. Kundan said almost crying, I could not believe. How The Army can so weak and can talk so comfortably? but then I understood that this love also makes anyone do anything. I remained silent for some time.
 Rajiv, I have not come here to threaten you, Bro Neha is pressurizing me to marry. She is saying that she will go to my house and will tell all these things at my house. How can I convince the housemates, if they knows all this, then I will not remain at home or ghat. Dude, if that child is yours, then you take it away with you right now and I will speak to the family members. I do not want to marry Neha, I want this from you.

Seeing Kundan begging me in this way, I felt strange, I could not understand what I should say and why I should become the father of his stomach and how I should be well. “romantic story

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Kundan, I respect you and your family, but how can we adopt Neha, there is a rift between us. For some days, our conversation has stopped, we have had a breakup, and I am not even the father of that child. I can not go with him again. I can not marry him I almost spoke in the match.

School Love Story Part – 5

Rajiv, I was talking to you with love till now, if I did chat too much, then I will shoot in the ass, Kundan said
 So could I keep quiet?
 Can we do this, let’s talk to Neha, who does she want to be with. I hoped that Neha would never want to be with me because I have nothing and a boy with a government job has something, who would want to come with me?
you consider me an idiot Neha is speaking to stay with me but I will not stay with her. speaking angrily

And after some time we both came back to our home after a long conversation.

After coming from there, I was thinking that in my room, how do I get out of this mess.

I could not tell all these things to Abhishek as he had already explained to me many times, Do not get in Neha’s affair otherwise she will devastate your life.

That is why I did not want to tell this matter even to my roommate Abhishek. I was thinking something then suddenly the mobile ring I thought would be Kundan again.

I saw on truecaller was writing the name of Khushboo, I thought, who is this? and I thought maybe she will be Abhishek’s girlfriend, It seemed to me because Khushboo had called several times on my phone, sorry Abhishek had talked to his girlfriend on my phone many times, but she would never call on my number anyway, when did girls call to talk to their boyfriends always has to do the boy. Except for all these things, I received the phone

School Love Story Part – 5

Hello I said

Hello, I am speaking Khushboo, sound was coming from the other side.

Oh well, by the way why you call on my number, Abhishek is not receiving your call?

Rajiv, I have called to talk to you. Khushboo said

At first, I did not understand for a while, why did Khushboo want to talk to me. then what she told me, my senses flew away.

she was speaking, she was in love with me, I feel strange, fu*k man, my friend’s girlfriend is speaking.

She told me she was in love with me, I tried to convince her, look, this is all wrong. Rajiv, I love you, now I am starting to like you, please talk to me, Khushboo said while requesting to me.

Look, Khushboo you are my friend’s girlfriend, how can I love you, even I can not talk to you? Listen, he is my room partner, my friend, I wouldn’t cheat with him. Look Abhishek is a very good boy, he loves you very much, you talk to him, you love him and anyway I am already upset about Neha, I said while explaining to her.

school love story part- 5

You are thinking about Abhishek, has he ever thought about you, Khushboo said in a slightly louder voice.

What do you mean by that he does not think about me?

If he had thought, he would have already told you what was the relationship between Neha and him.

School Love Story Part – 5 | Romantic Love Story

Neha and Abhishek, one minute, one minute, repeating the thing again, what was speaking, there was something between Neha and Abhishek, I spoke with surprise.

Yes Neha was Abhishek’s girlfriend, after the breakup with him he became my boyfriend but what kind of friend are you, he has not told you yet that Neha is his ex.

Look Khushboo I am already upset and you don’t bother me anymore by telling these things. Maybe there was a fight between you and Abhishek, maybe you are talking about him in anger like that. I told her the phone and disconnected the call.

She called again in few seconds after the call was disconnected.

 Rajiv, I just want to convince you that if he can do so much wrong with you, then I cannot even talk to you. I start liking you, please.

if you do not believe me then you talk to Neha and ask yourself to Neha between her and Abhishek. Neha disconnected the call by speaking so much.

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