The Essential Accessories You Should Keep In Your Isuzu MU-X

If you’re looking to head off the beaten path in your Isuzu MUX, you need the right
accessories to ensure this adventure doesn’t become a nightmare. But what if you’re
not driving an MUX? Don’t worry, these accessories are great for all 4WDs, we just
reckon the MUX is a special beast of its own.

Packing Your 4WD With Accessories You’ll Use & Love

We’ve put together the ultimate list of 4WD accessories to help you tackle tough off-
road terrain, enjoy creature comforts off the grid and have an all-round wonderful
time 4WDing.

An Awning or Two for On-Demand Shade

While off-roading and camping is all about enjoying the outdoors that doesn’t mean
you’ll want to be out under the bright, scorching sun all the time. Sometimes, too, it’s
good to have a reliable bit of shade to take a break under. Of course, you can try
your luck and hope for a handy tree, or you can guarantee you’ll always have shade
wherever you stop with an awning.

Available in a wide range of styles, like batwing and square, these awnings are made
to be lightweight and durable. They typically come with a range of aluminium poles
and anchors to help you attach and set up your awning quickly and easily.

Key to getting the most from your awning is picking an option with a reflective
coating. This helps reflect sunlight during the day to help you beat the heat, but also
creates a warm and cosy atmosphere by spreading fire or lamp light at night.

A Bike Carrier for Extra Adventure

If you want to get more out of your trip, why not add an extra way of exploring to your
itinerary? With a convenient bike carrier, you can easily bring your bicycle — or the
whole family’s rides — on the trip. You’ll find your mounting options will be either on
the roof or on the rear of your Isuzu. However, we prefer the roof as it frees up
valuable space for other equipment, as well as ensuring that you have easy access
to your boot and the rear of your MUX.

Rail Crossbars for Maximum Storage Potential

Speaking of storage space, rail crossbars go a long way to helping you maximise the
storage space you have at hand. Mounted on the roof, they give you that additional
space for large items that would otherwise dominate the inside of your vehicle.

A Nudge or Bull Bar for Added Protection

Nudge bars and bull bars help protect your 4WD from front-on impacts, whether it’s a
roof suddenly appearing in the road, shrubs trying to scrape at your car’s front or
rocks on the trail. However, whether you need a nudge or bull bar will depend on
how you regularly use your MUX. If you’re only occasionally heading out into the
back of beyond, and, often, driving the kids to school, heading to work, or just
running errands, a nudge bar is your best option. This is because nudge bars are
better designed for use in pedestrian-heavy areas. Colliding with a pedestrian with a
bull bar can do some serious damage. Therefore, it’s best to only install that bull bar
if you’re not going to be driving around town all that much.

A Light Bar to Shine a Light on the Open Road

Even with the best planning, sometimes you’ll find yourself travelling at night on that
camping or off-roading trip. When you’ve headed out bush, you’ll quickly discover
just how dark night can be with no streetlights or passing traffic to bolster your
headlights’ reach. With a light bar, everything becomes clear though. This is because
they have a more focused throw and longer range. Just be sure to check that your
car battery can handle the wattage.

Recovery Gear to Get You Out of a Sticky Situation

We’d be remiss to not include some quality recovery gear in our list of essential 4WD
accessories. With the right tools, like a winch and Maxtrax, you can get yourself out
of a jam and back on your way, no stress. Even a good, old-fashioned shovel can
come in clutch if things go awry. Whether it’s mud, sand, or something in between,
you’ll drive through it far more confidently knowing you have a back-up plan if things
go pear shaped. We also recommend keeping it close to hand and easily accessible
with specialised brackets and mounts, so you don’t need to unpack all your gear to
find your recovery essentials.

An Underbody Water Tank for Easy Water Carrying

Did you know that when you’re off-roading or camping, it’s recommended you have
7.5 litres of water for each person for every day you’re away. If you’re taking the
family, or going away for more than a few days, and you aren’t going to have easy
access to clean drinking water, figuring out how to carry all this water can be a real
headache. Or it would be if you didn’t have an underbody water tank.

This clever solution makes use of the underutilised storage space underneath your
car. Fitting snugly to the underbody, you can carry plenty of water in one place,
without worrying about the tank slipping and sliding and affecting your car’s balance.
Plus, you’ll be able to fit more in your boot without having to weigh up water against
other essentials.

A Pet Barrier for Your Furry Best Friend

Taking your best mate on your trip is a great way to spend some quality time
bonding. Not to mention, it saves you the hassle (and expense) of trying to find a
suitable carer for the time that you are away. Plus, your little buddy won’t feel like
they’re being left out on an adventure.

Of course, you want to be sure that your dog will be safe as you drive. While they
might like to ride up front, they can become seriously injured if you’re in a collision —
it’s why we wear seatbelts. Luckily, a pet barrier can fix this problem. Simply set up
this convenient barrier in the back of your car and your furry friend has their own
space to enjoy. They can relax and move about as they need, but they won’t end up
hurtling through your car or the windscreen if you take a corner hard or hit
something. The pet barrier also removes the temptation from your dog to check out
what you’re doing and distract you as you drive. Overall, a pet barrier helps keep
everyone safe and happy while you’re on the road.

Plus, while your friend isn’t in the car, it can also double as a handy vertical storage
space, letting you clip small essential bits and pieces to the frame so you can keep
track of where they are easily.

Even if you don’t have a dog or aren’t intending to bring them along, your pet barrier
also doubles as a cargo barrier. This helps keep everything ordered in your car and
prevents gear from sliding around as you drive. If you’re being distracted by things
toppling over or falling into the front, this can be just as dangerous as having your
pooch pal decide they want to sit in your lap as you drive!

What Accessories Do You Carry in Your MUX?

While we rate all these MUX and 4WD accessories as essentials, at the end of the
day, what you’re intending to do on your trip, who you’re going with and where you’re
going will also affect what you need to bring along. For instance, if you intend to do a
spot of fishing, you’ll need a boat trailer hooked up. Alternatively, if you prefer food
that isn’t cooked over an open fire, lots of people love to bring their Weber or a travel
oven to increase their culinary options.

Regardless of what you think is an essential 4WD accessory, you’ll find plenty to kit
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