The Necklace Buying Guide: Tips To Ace

Undoubtedly, the versatility of jewellery can get added to your statement look. In most cases, the jewellery you wear can also showcase your personality. It has all the power to uplift basic and monotonous looks in no time. Everybody loves jewellery and the many benefits that it brings today. Be it a pair of fringe earrings or a silver pendant. If you want to buy something for your loved one, a necklace gift, earrings, and rings must be on your list. These have become the top items on ‘gifts for her wishlist’. Gifting jewellery is probably one functional gift you can give her to cherish forever!

What to consider: Do’s and Don’ts!

According to a recent survey, Aussies tend to spend more than $5,000 on engagement rings on average. When buying jewellery, one must remember that they are purely to add style. However, wrong choices can also break the look. When gifting necklaces, it is always better to buy pieces that can get along with almost all outfits and colours, working as versatile jewellery. Alternatively, if you are looking forward to specific choices, here is a list of tips to follow and things to consider:

Know the types

To begin with, if this is your first time buying necklaces for her, it is necessary you know the types. However, the styles can vary with the stone used, length and other features, some essential factors to consider. Necklaces with pearls can work with elegant dresses and add a statement look. However, they are not the go-to necklace choice among most women. If your woman prefers something chunky and loves experimenting with clothes, pearl and mesh necklaces can be on your list. Necklaces with big-sized stones and pendants can also work in such cases. The least you can do is check out the types of earrings and bracelets she wears to get a coordinated necklace that she can use every day.

Consider the length

When buying a necklace gift, you will come across too many options, making it tricky for you to choose. So, it is always better to narrow down choices by considering several factors. If it’s your first-time buying necklaces for her, the size ranges and length numbers may seem all new to you. So, here is a quick guide. 14″ necklaces are usually chokers that wrap straight around the neck and nothing longer. 16″ necklaces are pretty long and usually collar necklaces. 18″ necklaces are the typical necklaces. The 20″ ones extend nearly up to the bust.

Coordinating with the face shape

Understanding the face type and considering the same can work magic when buying the perfect necklace. It’s so because chains help frame the face and enhance the face shape in most cases. Not considering face shape can lead to blunder styling mistakes and break any look in no time. For instance, one must never pick short necklaces for someone with a round face. It’s because shorter necklaces or chokers can highlight the roundness of the face. In such cases, neckpieces of 18″ and 20″ lengths work the best.

On the flip side, shorter necklaces for women with long faces are the go-to choices. For instance, chokers can accentuate their facial features in almost all outfits and work like magic. Short necklaces help overshadow narrow chins and help highlight only the best parts. Lastly, women with oval-shaped faces have the freedom to wear almost all necklace types, making your choice band widened. You can choose any kind, length and shape in such cases.

On the bottom line, you might also have to consider personal preferences and style options to land on the most personalised necklace type.