Things to do near Houston airport

Houston is the largest city in the biggest American state outside of Alaska and has an incredibly busy airport. If you ever get stuck on a stopover, there are a couple of great things to do near the George W. Bush airport. However, it would be better if you had more time to explore the city and its countless attractions.

To get into the United States, you will need a USA ESTA form as a foreigner. That is the easiest way to get into the country, but it’s only for 40 countries in Visa Waiver Program. After that, you will have to apply online, pay a fee, and wait for three days to get travel authorization. After that, ESTA will grant you entry into the US for the next two years. After that, there is an unlimited number of visits, but you can stay 90 days maximum in one stay.

What to do near Houston airport

If you have more than five hours, you can head out of the airport complex and find some of the nearby attractions. For example, humble is the location of Mercer Botanic Gardens. You can spend the whole waiting for the flight period browsing 300 acres of the complex with attractions like butterfly houses, picnic areas, numerous animals and BBQ spots.

Watching planes and taking pictures of magnificent machines is a movement globally, and there is a designated spot for this activity near George W. Bush International airport. Lee Road Public Observation Area is another free thing to do. Install the application on your phone, park on a gravel parking lot near Runway 27 and spot various planes on local and international flights.

For longer waits, you can go to nearby golf courses. Top Golf is a driving range, and it’s less time-consuming than a traditional golf course. Practice your swing, and try their food while waiting for connecting flight. Cypresswood Golf Club is a regular club with two public courses if you want the whole golfing experience.

The US is the homeland of bourbon, and it’s known for its Whiskeys. But, near Houston airport, there is a Vodka distillery. Go on a one-hour tour in the BJ Hooker Distillery and find out how the fermenting, distilling, and packaging occurs. You can also sample their high-quality vodka.

Things to do in Houston airport

If you need to kill a couple of hours, Houston airport has plenty of things to offer. There are dozens of food places, bars and cafes. Depending on your food taste, you can grab a snack or whole meal at Ray’s BBQ Shack or Blaze Pizza. Olio, Ember, Bam Bam, and Whataburger are other popular restaurants around the Airport. You can also try craft beer at Brewster Beer Garden or visit Starbucks for coffee.

Airport lounges are another great way to spend the waiting period. United Airlines have the most lounges where you can get food, drinks, watch TV or get high-speed WiFi while sitting on quality seating. In addition, there are Air France, KLM Crown and other lounge places.

Houston airport has huge shopping and duty-free areas. In addition, there is a wide selection of bookstores, convenience shops, tech and gadgets, and places for local souvenirs or boutiques.

The Airport also offers free music concerts in Terminals A and D. You can listen to jazz or classical music concerts, and there are also art exhibits around the George W. Bush airport.

Things to do indoors in Houston

This article explores more than one inconvenient scenario. If you decide to stay in Houston, and you happen to stumble on a rainy day, there are some great options to explore.

One of the biggest attractions in the city is NASA’s Space Center. See an incredible exhibition of full-sized rockets, Apolo 17 space shuttle and numerous rock samples.

Houston Museum of Natural Science is among the top museums in the country and the most popular venue in the metropolitan area. It offers various attractions, from dinosaurs to the space age.

One of the more unusual indoor things to do while in Houston is an underground tunnel tour. There is a 7-mile underground tunnel under the city with numerous architectural, art and historical things to see.

Houston is a sports town on top of everything. You can visit Toyota Center and watch the Rockets game, although currently, their team doesn’t turn heads.

Hotels close to the Toyota Center Houston TX

Some of the best hotels in Houston are situated near Toyota Center because of its location within the Skyline downtown district. You can stay in Holiday Inn Houston Downtown if you’re looking for more affordable three-star accommodation.

InterConitnental Houston- Medial Center has excellent reviews and offers quality rooms, numerous amenities, including an outside pool, and a great location.

Other great hotels near Toyota Center include Embassy Suites by Hilton Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Hilton Americas, and Courtyard by Marriot Houston Downtown.