This Is How to Clean a Boat the Correct Way

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), recreational boating contributes around $170.3 billion to the US economy alone.

If you’re part of this ever-growing recreational boating community you’ll understand the pride and joy that comes with owning your own boat. But do you show your boat as much love in return? 

Keeping your boat clean is essential in ensuring that it lasts and performs at its best so that it can stay your pride and joy for years to come. Dive into our essential list of boat cleaning tips to make sure that you know how to clean a boat the right way. 

What Is Your Boat Made Of?

These days fiberglass is the number one choice when it comes to recreational boat material. This is due to its lightweight consistency and durability. 

When it comes to cleaning your boat it isn’t really the fiberglass you have to worry about, but the gel covering that protects it. So, the first step to consider when cleaning your boat is to figure out which cleaning product won’t damage the protective layer of your hull. 

It’s recommended that you look for a cleaning product specifically for your hull and always read the instructions to ensure the product is suitable. There are tons of websites like selling a variety of products for all of your boat maintenance needs. 

Safety First

If you’re a boat owner, you probably know that following safety guidelines out on the water is non-negotiable. Well, the same goes for cleaning. 

Some boat cleaners contain chemicals that can cause harm to you and your boat when they spill. As you’re most likely to clean your boat in a slippery environment you need to be extra careful. 

Try to wear clothes that protect your arms and legs and shoes that won’t easily slip around. If you’re planning on vacuuming your boat’s interior, be extra cautious with any electrical cables touching the water. 

If possible, enlist the help of a boat-cleaning buddy so that if anything goes wrong someone can call for help. 

How to Clean a Boat: What Needs Cleaning? 

Cleaning your boat’s hull is the first step towards making your vessel look brand new. Before you use any product, you need to rinse your hull with fresh water. Then, As mentioned, ensure you have the right hull cleaner to avoid damaging your boat’s exterior and give it a good scrub. 

The boat’s propeller should also be regularly cleared of any debris and checked for damage. But don’t stop there! There are other parts that require regular maintenance and cleaning including the interior.

Clean your boat’s carpet by vacuuming up any debris and then using a light detergent and scrubbing brush to get rid of any spills and smells. If you have vinyl seats, you can use the same light detergent to give them a good wipe down.  

Finishing Touches and Final StepsĀ 

It’s tempting to let your boat air-dry, but wiping it down with a microfiber cloth keeps it looking polished and professional. Knowing how to clean a boat properly ensures that you get the best out of your boat for longer. For more useful how-to’s, fascinating acts, and compelling content, check out our information section!