Top 10 Common SEO mistake You Should Avoid

In today’s time, the demand for SEO practices is tremendously high.

But most of us don’t know how to implement SEO practice in the correct ways.

We know that to rank on top of a search engine is actually not an easy task because everyone in this competitive world wants to get more business.

SEO is the most common pillar in digital marketing we all know.

So, we will go to discuss some common SEO mistakes.

1. Not Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important activities for Best Digital Marketers who want to improve their SEO results. They begin first by learning about digital marketing through having a digital marketing course from their nearby institute or university so they are able to do SEO . Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional to get started, and it’s really very easy.

If you want to start SEO Keyword Research 2021 using Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool created by Google to support you in finding the best SEO keywords for your post. It will seem challenging at first, but it does not have to be.

The key is to look for low competition with high-volume keywords and try to rank for those.

How do you do it?

By writing blog posts, how-to guides, and other types of material.

2. Conversion rates not improve when using Google SEO Analytics

Another common SEO mistake is trying to use the data at your disposal to boost your content as a Great Digital Marketer and, as a result, your conversions and sales, learn today about digital marketing search on Google digital marketing course in Delhi and join the best institute and get started grabbing SEO training.

If you don’t have to install the Google Analytics HTML Snippet to your website, first install this.

If you are able to work on a CMS platform like WordPress with the help of drag and drop elementor builder you can create a beautiful website.

You must stay updated on the following metrics:

  • What are the most and least famous pages?
  • What is the nationality of your visitors?
  • What is the most common device among your visitors?

Google Analytics, on the other hand, can only get you so far when You may have noticed

that many keywords are classified as “not given” in the Top 10 SEO part if you’ve already installed Google Analytics.

Many advertisers find this frustrating because they can’t see what keywords a visitor used to find their way to your site. This is why many successful digital marketers employ use Advanced SEO Applications such as SEMrush.

It not only shows you the keywords people used to find your site, but it also informs you

how highly you rank on this keyword and how many visitors came to your site only because of that keyword.

3. Not having a strategy for internal linking

Many people focus solely on their backlink strategy as compared to completely overlooking the internal links. We made this common Top SEO mistake ourselves when we first started out, but luckily, we can help you avoid it. s. All we know is that creating  a backlink is quite tough in the SEO process. Here, an internal linking  strategy is one of the best ways to get more traffic to your site.

What is the reason for this?

Best part is that you have great control over your website. Just make  A perfect plan with quality content will resolve your issue.

Any of your pages and posts should be “evergreen” and pillar posts. Pillar posts are substantial pieces of material such as “how-to” guides, eBooks, and step-by-step videos that are evergreen but do not expire.

So, everywhere it makes sense, you’ll want to connect to those pieces of content on your website.

4. Not having a strategy for Backlinking

Both are needed as the Greatest Digital Marketer.

Getting backlinks can be difficult and intimidating, particularly when you’re first starting out, but there are a few tricks that can help.


HARO, or “Help A Reporter Out,” is a free service that sends you regular emails with reporter inquiries. If your answer is selected, they will usually request a quote and include a link to your website. The best thing about HARO is that if your answer is selected, it will often be featured on a website with a high domain rating, which will increase your authority.

HARO has a lot of questions on a lot of different topics, so you’ll have to search through some of the noise to find questions that are important to your business.

However, when you’ve found a good fit and selected your answer, your backlink strategy will get the benefit.

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs is a perfect way to get backlinks while maintaining more creative control over the content.

You should search for guest post opportunities on Google by searching for:

“Write for us” + Your field

“Guest article” + ” Your field”

Your field + “contribute to our blog”

5. Anchor text not using for links

Not using anchor text for links is one of the Most Popular SEO Mistakes when I see a new content writer is making. Instead of linking to the terms they want to rank for, they’ll link to phrases like “read more here.”

Example: – If you want to rank for the phrase “renting your first RV,” you can connect to one of your pillar posts regarding RV rentals.

This will mean that you are found when people search for “renting your first RV” rather than the generic “click here.” When possible, this should be done with both internal and external links.

6. Images not optimizing for SEO

Images are a very important factor for ranking point of view so if you do not optimize your images you might lose your followers.

When it comes to visual search, some success tips involve making your own pictures.

There are many stock images websites through which you can get the best images. You will even get the best tools that help to create fresh images if you want to create by yourself.

By using a proper alt tag you can optimize your image.

If you’ve chosen your images, use the ALT text to include the keyword you’re trying to rank for, ensuring that it shows in Google image search.

Make sure about the size of images that must be less as much as possible but take care of its clarity.

You can do this in Photoshop or Compress and with a plugin like Short Pixel, which will automatically reduce all of your images by 90%.

7. Creating titles that aren’t clickable or relevant

Another Best Popular SEO 2021 blunder is to avoid not devoting sufficient time to creating optimized titles for your blog posts. It’s important to include the keywords or phrases that you’re attempting to rank for in the title of the post while maintaining a creative and clickable title.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is one of our best free tools for coming up with title ideas. When you type in the post’s title, it gives you a “headline ranking.”

8. Ignorance about meta tags and title tags

In 2021, title tags and meta descriptions are still important because they allow you to see how your title tag and meta description will show in Google search results.

9. Not producing High-Quality content

Finally, as the Top Best Content Marketing is becoming more popular, the competition will overheat and the best content will rise to the top.

Remember the end-user as you write posts and content for your website. Will this be of use to them? Is there an excessive amount of fluff? To provide value to the reader, remember to consider their time and make your content as meaty as possible.

The more value you provide, the longer they will remain on your platform, indicating to Google that this is important information that should be given priority higher.

10. Not using an SEO plugin

The final common Biggest SEO mistake is to prevent failing to use an SEO plugin. We have many things to consider for SEO you can check with this list.

A plugin like All-in-One SEO can make your life easier by giving you a score for each post as well as a checklist of areas where you can improve.

For Example: – If you forget to add alt text to your images then the plugin will remind you.

When it comes to On-Page SEO 2021, it’s difficult to keep track of anything, so don’t make this mistake and use tools to help you work better, not harder.