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Top 10 Online Courses to Pursue Post Graduation in Cyber Security

Cyber Security: With ever-increasing cyber threats all across the world, cybersecurity jobs are growing at an incredibly faster pace. You might be aware of the cyber-attacks taking place across the globe. Every other day you may have messages on your phone or emails warning you about protecting your passwords, some fraud applications, or not sharing your identity-related stuff.

We are also aware of the cyber-attacks that have caused huge losses to some of the biggest names, like Capital One, and they took years to recover those losses. Even the smallest start-ups, individuals are not spared by malicious hackers.

These reasons have fueled the growth of cybersecurity jobs and have made cybersecurity an evergreen industry. The best reason to go with Post graduation in cyber security is that, according to some estimates, there will be 3.5 million jobs that will remain vacant by 2021 in the field of cybersecurity.

There are many more reasons to become a cybersecurity professional. First, it increases your earning potential. The median annual salary of a Certified Ethical Hacker is around USD 92,969. The amazing fact to be noted is that a career in cybersecurity can enable you to earn 90% more than any other industry.

Second, you can choose to get a job in any industry, given advancements in digitization processes including Automation, Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing. Digitization has become an integral part of nearly every company and so you have the choice to enter into an industry of your choice, be it sports, media, fashion, healthcare, banking, retail, finance, gaming, or any other industry.

Furthermore, it doesn’t include maths which is great for some people around us. With a chance to work with secret agencies, and to travel across the world with cybersecurity, this domain becomes a great career choice.

This article will tell you about the top ten online courses you can pursue to get into the world of cybersecurity.

Top 10 Online Courses to Pursue Post Graduation in Cyber Security

  1. Ethical Hacking Course for Beginners by Simplilearn

One of the best organizations that provide top-class online training, Simplilearn is here with a free Ethical Hacking course that introduces you to the basic concepts of ethical hacking. You will get to know about the usage of different hacking tools and techniques.

The skills covered in this course are:

  • Linux and database skills
  • Cryptography skills
  • IDS firewalls and honeypots
  • Trojans backdoors and countermeasures
  • Mobile and web technologies
  • Advanced concepts of hacking
  • Network packet analysis
  • Advanced log management

You can take this course if you are a Network Security Officer, Site administrator, ISIT Auditors, IT Security Officers, IT Operations Manager, Network Specialist, Technical Support Engineer, Senior System Engineer, System Analyst, or aspiring cybersecurity professional.

This course includes three hours of self-paced video lessons, that are accessible for 90 days. Also, you get a completion certificate on the completion of this excellent course.

  • Cybersecurity for Managers: A Playbook

This course by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is specifically crafted for executives and decision-makers and allows you to upgrade your skills in handling the environment of the workplace along with ensuring data security.

This course covers the topics including:

  • Cybersecurity risk management
  • Approaches to cybersecurity management
  • Practical  applications of balance against security and privacy
  • Decision making to build a versatile landscape of business
  • Language and vocabulary for effective interaction with CTOs and

For building an advanced cybersecurity framework as per industry standards you will learn the ways of accessing techniques of defense mechanisms.

The best part of this course is that deeper knowledge of technical aspects is not at all a prerequisite.

Cyber Security
Cyber Security
  • Introduction to CyberSecurity by Codecademy

This free course, yes free, by Codecademy makes you interestingly learn crucial concepts of cybersecurity.

You will learn fundamental concepts required to identify common cyber-attacks and threats as well as the measures required to prevent the system from these threats. This course also includes the basics of providing network security and detecting common cyber threats including phishing attacks and malware.

With quizzes and mock tests, this course makes learning fun.

  • Cybersecurity Specialization by Coursera

Coursera offers this course from the University of Maryland and teaches you the basics required for building secure systems for your organization. From the software to the hardware to the human-computer interface by using secure interactions as well as cryptography.

These specialization courses include short courses like usable security, cryptography, software security, hardware security, and a cybersecurity capstone project.

  • Micromasters Program in Cybersecurity by edX

This program by edX makes you learn how to practice skills in cybersecurity with real-world scenarios. You will learn how to set up and secure basic computer systems and conduct digital forensics investigation that is admissible to a court. This course also includes the implementation of network security solutions and detecting solutions as well.

With assignments and hands-on practices, instructor-led training, this course provides top-level training.

  • Ethical hacking: The Complete Guide by Knowledgehut

This course by knowledge hut is a lab-intensive course that makes you learn the fundamental concepts and principles of ethical hacking. This course also makes you learn the ways of managing incidents, go hands-on with Penetration testing, and thorough practice of hacking tools and techniques. You will also get to understand essential concepts of crucial security systems.

The interactive environment of Knowledgehut will make you learn how to scan, hack, test, and secure your systems.

  • Stanford’s Advanced CyberSceurity Program by Great Learning

This course by Great Learning enables you to accelerate your career in this domain. You will gain the skills required to secure electronic assets, protect networks, prevent cyberattacks, and ensure the security of your customers, and also develop a secure infrastructure.

Apart from the basics of security objectives such as integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, and authentication, you come across exploiting vulnerabilities. You also learn the concepts of primary security breaches and also creating countermeasures for the same.

  • Cybersecurity Foundations by LinkedIn Learning

Now here is a course one of the most famous ed tech services provider LinkedIn, that sets a rock-solid foundation for your users, network, and data by making you learn the basics of cybersecurity techniques. You will learn how to assess and mitigate risks by using different cybersecurity frameworks and control standards.

You will also learn the details of pertinent cyber threats and the ways in which they operate and ultimately countermeasures to prevent them. This course also covers selecting and applying controls, managing cyber risks, and the overall cybersecurity lifecycle.

Once you complete the course, you get a shareable certificate from LinkedIn Learning.

  • Cybersecurity Certification Course by Jigsaw Academy

This program by Jigsaw Academy focuses solely on cybersecurity techniques that are offensive. This comprehensive training course enables you to read a hacker’s state of mind with a thorough study of cutting-edge frameworks and techniques needed to prevent organizations from hackers and cyberattacks.

With this course, you will acquire the skills such as Windows Administration, Linux administration, Python for hacking, offensive hacking, cloud security, threat hunting and reverse engineering, web application and penetration testing, and OSCP preparation.

  1. Post Graduate Program in CyberSceurity by Proschool

In association with Jain University, Proschool has curated this course by eminent cybersecurity professionals with practical applications of industry-relevant modules which will elevate your knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

On the completion of this course, you will get a Certified Ethical hacking Certification. The best part of this course is round-the-clock learner’s assistance and custom cyber labs for going hands-on.


It is strongly recommended that you take up an online training course for getting into a career in the field of cybersecurity. Now that you have gone through the top ten courses for certification in cybersecurity, you should read through the lines and choose wisely a course that suits your requirements.

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