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Top 4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Application Development Using Angularjs

If your static product webpage is coming in the way of an interactive and superior user experience, it is high time that you explore the beauty of web application development using AngularJS. A brainchild of Google, AngularJS is currently the most sought-after framework for developers after jQuery. Here’s looking at the top 4 advantages and disadvantages to give you an informed head start towards web application development using AngularJS.

Top 3 Advantages of Web Application Using AngularJS

Allows creating an intuitive UI- AngularJS uses HTML to create templates. The declarative property of HTML helps building a scalable and intuitive user interface. Such an interface allows a webpage visitor to understand and easily navigate across features on the website. HTML’s declarative property also enables developers to connect the different characters on the UI using data models. An AngularJS-built template is characterized with several features such as directives such as ng-model, ng-app, ng-repeat, form controls, among others. Angular training

Strong web application management One of the significant advantages of web application development using AngularJS is the automated synergy of codes for the model, view, and control (MVC) components. These three components together account for a sturdy web application management. The model component is accountable for the maintenance of the web application data. The view component enables users to choose to either view a portion of the data or the whole of it. The control component binds the functionality of the view and the model components.

Ability to test in real-time Using the AngularJS framework enables an end-to-end testing of the web application. Dependency injection, one of the testing features of AngularJS is responsible for the generation of the web application. These testing features are also responsible to address and map the interdependence between these components. This renders the developer’s task of application testing extremely easy.

Single page application features A significant benefit of web application development using AngularJS is the creation of the single page application feature. This feature enables an accelerated transition of a website. This transition happens as the website engages with the web browser to use the newest webserver data and replace the existing web page. This process is a development against the traditional process of web browser’s default process of filling new pages.

Top 4 Disadvantages of Web Application Using AngularJS

Mandatory enablement of JavaScript An AngularJS powered website application is useless for users with desktops or handheld devices that have disabled JavaScript.

Lack of familiarity with MVC Unfamiliarity with the model-view-control component structure will create significant delays in the process of web application development using AngularJS.

Delay in webpage loading – Users using old desktops will experience delay in the loading of an AngularJS-powered webpage. This is because browsers running in such systems will have to perform additional functions such as DOM manipulation.

Complex scopesFor the uninitiated in the AngularJS framework arena,handling scopes with their characteristic layered and hierarchically stacked architecture can be quite difficult. Debugging the scopes also has its own difficulty level.


Using AngularJS framework for web application surely has its own sets of challenges. But this should not stop enterprises from creating superior quality web applications. One easy way to go about it is to outsource the job of web application development using AngularJS to an experienced third-party web development firm. This will open access to highly qualified AngularJS experts who commits to get the web application development job done within minimal investment and the agreed timeline.