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Top 4 Ways by Which Service Now services Bring Transformational Business Changes

There is no doubting the fact that the digital inroads made on a daily basis have catalyzed and also eased the way of operating across every business sectors. However, there is no single holistic tool that can execute a wide range of functions such as IT service, HR delivery functions, application development support, and others. Using separate tools to execute these functions separately will result in department working in siloes. This can hamper the synergy across departments in an organization. ServiceNow is an open-architecture platform that can be easily integrated into different systems and perform a range of functions at a lightening speed. On this note, here’s exploring the top 4 ways by which ServiceNow services have been bringing transformational changes for businesses.

Process streamlining One of the key benefits of Service Now services is its open infrastructure. This aspect reduces the need to configure an IT ecosystem to introduce this cloud-based solution. Once introduced, this solution standardizes and streamlines all the IT assets and business services-related data through its configuration management database. ServiceNow automates a major portion of workflows such as filling forms or writing emails. This helps in identifying and eliminating redundant process and streamline the process workflow, thereby promoting more process accuracy.

Better productivity An immediate and a critical benefit of workflow streamlining is a massive boost to productivity. Automated workflow reduces the need to wait on reverts and responses that must make their way across multiple departments. ServiceNow automates the tasks of understanding, sending alerts to the correct personnel, and secure their response in no time. For instance, upon finding a bug in an application, ServiceNow-powered workflow automation immediately notifies the concerned professional to get the issue fixed or sometimes it automatically fixes the issue, thereby promoting productivity.

Cost saving opportunities Reduced waiting time to get responses and resolution for any issue goes a long way in minimizing profit bleed owing to production downtime. Enterprises can enjoy such benefits without accruing an inflated infrastructure cost. This is mainly because using this cloud-based solution does not require an additional expense on data centers or heavy-duty physical servers. Using ServiceNow services does not entail additional software expenses or IT team support. The ability to consolidate all legacy tools on a single service management platform further reduces costs on software maintenance.

Better problem solver This platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution can quickly assimilate and analyze business data. This helps enterprises derive insights into problems that help them do a root cause analysis and resolve the problem in no time. The ServiceNow solution is characterized with reporting and analytics features that picks up a repetitive trend in an ongoing problem. This insight can be further harnessed to eradicate the issue from its core.

Parting Note               

The best thing about this cloud-based solution is it is a single tool that can be leveraged by different departments in an organization for all their unique needs. The reporting function of this solution promotes transparency among departments, thereby breaking operation siloes. It keeps a record of all the business interactions that can be turned insights to guide an organization their future development roadmap.