With various institutions and businesses moving to an online mode of teaching and working, online tools and softwares are getting increasingly popular and sought-after to help in various ways. These include softwares to correct language and grammar such as Grammarly and those to make business proposals, e-signing and payments easier, such as DocuSign templates. The availability of such tools have greatly improved the efficiency, ease of use, accessibility and reach of the businesses and organisations that use them. Read on to discover some of these helpful online options to make your work easier and increase productivity, regardless of your profession – from students, to teachers, businesspeople and entrepreneurs. 


Grammarly is an incredibly helpful tool to correct grammar, punctuation, word-choice, tone, and a host of other problems in a piece of writing. The interface is interactive and very straightforward, making it great at boosting productivity. Grammarly has options to choose the desired audience, tone, intent etc, helping their software judge and correct your writing in a more personalised manner. With the premium subscription, a whole host of other options are unlocked, including but not limited to, rearranging wordy sentences, word choice, misuse of passive voice etc. 

Grammarly can be used by anyone, students writing assignments, teachers writing reports, entrepreneurs drafting emails and any other piece of writing that requires immediate and on the spot editing/ refining. 


Coursera is like Youtube and Khan Academy put together, but much more rewarding and informative. With numerous courses, from the health sciences, to coding, maths and economics, everyone is guaranteed to find something of interest on Coursera. 

Coursera offers courses, ranging from 2-8 weeks or more, on a wide variety of topics. These courses are in the forms of pre-recorded videos, along with assignments, captions etc. The best thing about the courses on Coursera are that they are offered by a whole host of prestigious institutions. Coursera lets you access world-class education on one website. From renowned America universities such as Johns Hopkins, Yale, Harvard to international leading institutions such as Imperial College London, University of Toronto, anyone from any background, regardless of experience can find something to their suiting on Coursera

Coursera doesn’t just offer certificate courses, but also Masters degrees, specialisations (from top companies such as IBM and Google) as well as guides, which are a collection of courses that provides a more holistic approach to understanding a certain topic. It is a very helpful tool to boost a resumé or even more forward in life at a faster and more experienced pace. 


DocuSign is an incredibly unique software that gives businesses and companies a holistic preface to execute all of their required responsibilities. With their carefully curated DocuSign templates, draft emails, contracts, proposals and the like in a short time and complete deals much faster when compared to a back-and-forth of forms, signatures and correspondences. DocuSign allows users to take care of a variety of actions in one place. This highly organised and personalised software will undoubtedly help promote productivity and help your company/ business move forward at a faster pace. 

DocuSign is bound to improve any workplace with their simple, easy to use and interactive website allows any employee to use it with ease, regardless of how tech-savvy they may be. 

There are of course, a whole host of numerous other apps, websites and online products that can add positively to a work/ study environment, but this list only provides a tip-of-the-iceberg look at the available options.