Types Of Storage Devices

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Many times you must have seen this question in a competitive examination, what are the types or types of computer storage devices? If you too want complete information about them, then you will have to read this article Computer Storage Device Types in English in full.

Computer Storage Device
Computer Storage Device

Then without delay let us know about the types of Computer Storage Device.

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Types of computer storage devices

1. Magnetic Storage Device

2. Optical Storage Devices

3. Flash memory storage device

4. Online and Cloud Storage Devices

5. Paper Storage Device

Importance of storage devices?

What is the Definition of Storage?

What is a secondary storage device?

What does storage mean?

What is a primary memory device?

Types Of Computer Storage Devices

Although there are many different types of Computer Storage Device, but here we will divide all those types in some way so that we can understand and remember them.

Computer Storage Device
Computer Storage Device

So we will divide these storage devices into five parts. You will get information about which below. For your information, let me tell you that these storage devices are used to store computer data.

1. Magnetic Storage Device?

The first storage device that comes is magnetic storage devices. These devices are the most used in today’s time. This is because they are very cheap and can be easily accessed together.

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Apart from this, a large amount of data can also be stored in it.

When these magnetic storage devices are combined with a computer, a magnetic field is generated with the help of two magnetic polarities. At the same time, this device can easily read binary language and can also store information.

Examples Of Magnetic Storage Devices

Let us now know about some examples of magnetic storage devices.

Floppy Disk – These are also called floppy diskette. It is a removable storage device i.e. it can be removed and installed easily. At the same time, its shape is like a square which has some magnetic elements.

When it is installed in the computer’s disk reader, it rotates and data is stored in it. It is no longer used, but CDs, DVDs and USB drives are used in its place.

Hard Drive – Hard Drive is a primary storage device that is connected directly to the motherboard’s disk controller. This is a very important storage space as it is used to install any new program or application in the device.

Then whether it is software programs, images, videos, or any other reason. A large amount of data can be stored in the hard drive.

Zip Disk – Zip Disk is a removable storage device that was launched by Iomega. In its initial phase, it was able to store only up to 100 MB of data. At the same time, but later it is able to store up to 750 MB of data.

2. Optical Storage Devices

Optical storage devices are called devices that use lasers and lights to detect and store data. They are much cheaper than USB drives, while they are also able to store more data than them.

Examples Of Optical Storage Devices

Let us now know about some examples of optical storage devices.

CD-ROM – A full-fledged forum of CD-ROM is Compact Disc. It is a read-only memory as well as an external device that can read and store data in the form of audio or software data. A CD-ROM can store data up to 650MB or 700MB.

Computer Storage Device
Computer Storage Device

Blu-ray Disc – Blu-ray Disc, or simply known as Blu-ray. It is a digital optical disc storage format. It was specifically designed to supersede (be better than) the DVD format. At the same time, it is able to store many hours of high-definition video.

DVD – Full forum of DVD is Digital Versatile Disc. This is a different type of optical storage device.

At the same time, you can also use it as readable, recordable, and rewritable. Recordings in these devices can be used by adding them to other systems outside.

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CD-R – CD is a readable Compact Disc that uses photosensitive organic dye to record and store data. You can consider it a low-cost replacement to store software and applications.

DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD-RW and DVD + RW discs – DVD-R and DVD + R are recordable discs that are written only once, while DVD-RW and DVD + RW are also called rewritable discs. It means that they can be written more than once.

The main difference between + and – is in its formatting and compatibility.

3. Flash Memory Storage Device

Flash memory storage devices have replaced both magnetic and optical storage devices in recent times. These are very easy to use, are portable and together they can be made available anywhere else.

They are much cheaper and more convenient to store data.

Examples Of Flash Memory Storage Devices

Let us now know about some examples of Flash Memory storage devices which are used more by people.

USB Drive – USB drive is also called pen drive. These storage devices are very small in size, but they have the advantage of storing a large amount of data.

They have an integrated circuit that allows it to store and replace data.

Memory Card – These memory cards are often used in small electronic and computerized devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras. These memory cards are used to store images, videos and audios data. They are much more compatible, but their sizes are also much smaller.

Memory Stick – In Memory Stick was originally launched by Sony company. The memory stick can store more data and data transfer using this storage device is easy and quick.

Over time, different versions of these Memory Stick also began to be produced.

SD Card – Secure Digital Card is a full forum of SD Card. These cards are used in different electronic devices to store data. At the same time, these SD cards are available in mini and micro sizes as well.

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Generally speaking, computers have a separate slot for inserting an SD card. On the other hand, if a device does not have such a slot, then there are also some USB readers in which these SD cards can be inserted and then later can be used by connecting it with the computer.

SSD – Full forum of SSD is Solid State Drive. It is a flash memory device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to save data.

4. Online and Cloud Storage Devices

In today’s era, the desire of Cloud Storage Devices is very high because today everyone needs everything sitting at home. In such a situation, online and cloud storage devices seem fully capable to do this. Because anyone can access them from anywhere.

Examples Of Cloud Storage Devices

Let us now know about the examples of some cloud storage devices.

Cloud storage – In this the data is managed remotely and together it is made available through a network. You can use its basic features for free, but if your consumption limit increases, then you may have to pay more for it.

Network media – Audio, Video, Images or Text are all used in a computer network. In this, a group of people make some content online and also share with each other.

5. Paper Storage Device

These paper storage devices were used in the past to save information.

Examples Of Paper Storage Devices

Let us now know about some examples of paper storage devices.

OMR – Full forum of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition. This is a process in which the marked data made by humans is captured. For example surveys and tests. At the same time, it is used to read the questionnaire with many options that are shaded.

Computer Storage Device
Computer Storage Device

Punch Card – This is a part of a powerful paper that is used to store digital information which are coming from perforated holes. The presence or absence of holes in predetermined positions defines the data.

Importance Of Storage Devices?

The importance of a storage device is that data can be stored in it, that data can be kept safe and can also be used when needed.

What is the Definition of Storage?

Storage is a process in which digital data is stored securely within a data storage device, while computing technology is used to do so. Or simply, storage is a mechanism that enables a computer to temporarily or permanently retain data.

What is a Secondary Storage Device?

A secondary storage device is a device that refers to a non-volatile storage device that can be either internal or external to the computer. This can be any storage device except primary storage that stores data permanently. For example, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and tape drives are all called secondary storage devices.

What does storage mean?

Storage or computer storage is a technique in which computer equipment and recording media are used to maintain digital data. It is also a core function of the computer.

What is a primary memory device?

A primary memory device or storage device is a medium that holds memory for a short time, even at a time when the computer is running. Even though primary memory devices have lower access time and faster performance, they are more expensive than secondary storage devices. For example, RAM (random access memory) and cache are all called primary memory devices or primary storage devices.

What did you learn today?

I hope you liked this article and you must have also understood the type of storage device. We have learned about the different types of Computer Storage Device and examples of them.

If you have any questions related to this article, then you can comment below and I will be happy to help you.

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