Alternatives to YouTube in 2022

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For several years, YouTube has dominated the video marketing arena.

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However, options are now available, with each of them offering new features. 

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To succeed in YouTube, you will need hours of effort and persistence, to develop a channel and build an audience base that you can monetize. 


Uscreen is a complete video monetization platform that allows content creators to convert their content into videos and make it available to the entire world.

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GoogleTune platform allows video creators to share them with their targeted audience. 

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Patreon is a unique platform that has altered the way on how creators make a living from the video content which they create. 

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Facebook"s large audience makes  it a fantastic option for content creators who want to roll out their content for a large audience.  

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with these alternatives to YouTube, you can spread your tentacles and  try your luck on a different platform. 

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Video monetization platforms has provided diverse choices to anyone interested in making money from videos outside YouTube. 

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