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What is a computer?

What is a Computer? : In today’s post, I will tell you what is a Computer? If you do not know the computer then this post today is going to be very important for you.

What is a computer called in English
What is a computer called in English

What is a computer?

In English, computers are called “computers”, Charles Babbage is called the computer or the father of computers. In today’s time computer has become an integral part of our life which we use everyday. Computer has completely changed the life of people today.

After the flywheel and fire, the computer is considered to be the largest invention in the world till date. In today’s time, it is very difficult to live life without a computer. Today every person is dependent on the computer in some way. Today many of our important works are easily completed due to the computer.

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Computer can solve the biggest maths questions in a few seconds which is impossible for us humans and in the coming time computer will become even more advanced such as Artificial Intelligence. Due to computer today, humans can get the knowledge of space. Is getting

With the help of computer, man went to the moon and in recent days, with the help of this computer, it is possible to send satellite to a remote and deserted house like Mars, thousands of kilometers away from the Earth. I have become easier

Computer information in English

Many times a question comes to our mind, the answer to which we do not understand is “What is a computer? Or what is a computer called? Or what is the definition of a computer? A computer is an electronic plant based on the instructions given by the user. It gives the information to the machine by tumbling according to the way in which the command is given.

The word computer is an English word that originated from the English word Compute and which means to calculate. The word “Computer” is made from the word “Compute” which means calculator and as I told you above that computer is called as computer in Hindi.

Computer Architecture

A computer is not the name of a single machine, but it has many parts. When separate parts are added together, a computer is created. Such as hardware, input devices or output devices. Today’s time is also called the time of computer technology. In today’s time, almost every work is connected to the computer.

What is computer hardware?

As I told you earlier that a computer is not the name of a single machine, that is, it does not have any existence of its own, rather it is made up of the joining of many other parts. In this sequence, hardware also comes. The ones you can touch and feel are called hardware.

The keyboard, mouse or monitor are the parts that we and you can touch, so they are also called physical parts, these part components are called hardware. Hardware also includes devices like printers and routers, in addition to Pentab hardware. Are placed in the category of.

Types of computer hardware

By the way, all the physical parts of a computer are called hardware but they are also divided into two different types, that is, there are two types of computer hardware and their utility is also different. So let’s see the hardware What happens in different types.

Input device

The first type of computer hardware is called the Input Device. These are the devices of the computer that pass the guidelines given by us or you to the CPU. When we or you give a command through the input device, the computer Mistakes him and the result is in front of us.
By the way, every physical part is called an input device that we can put in a computer. There are some of the most popular input devices that we know as Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Printer and Monitor. Apart from these, there are many other devices which can be called as input devices.

Output device

These are the devices that provide the instructions given by you or by us as a result given by the central resource unit. If the work you want to do is the result of the tools we use. They are called output devices such as Moniter, Printer, Projector, Sound Speaker etc.

Internal Parts of Computer

In addition to the Input Device and Output Device, there are some other internal parts of the computer which we cannot see because they are inside a big steel box which we call CPU. The internal parts of the computer are very important. Therefore their fitting is done in such a way that they do not cause any harm.

The internal components that are installed in the Central Processing Unit / CPU mainly consist of parts like Motherboard, CPU, Hard Disk Drive, RAM, SMPS and DVD Writer. All these internal parts are very expensive and very sensitive so they are made of steel box. Is fitted inside.

What is software?

Software inside the computer is such a thing as the soul inside our body. Just like we cannot see our soul, in the same way we cannot see the software of the computer. Software is not physically, that is, we cannot see or touch it with our eyes.

There is no value for hardware without software. When we give any instruction to the hardware, the hardware reaches that computer’s motherboard or CPU through the software and then the computer goes through that instruction to answer or result via monitor. Shows from

So I hope you understand that Computer. What is a computer called in Hindi? What is computer hardware? What is computer software? If you have any question regarding the post of In english Blog, then you can comment and comment.

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