What is Film Certificate

What is Film Certificate? What Does Mean The Certificate Given in Films?

What is Film Certificate?

Whenever we watch a Bollywood movie, we get to see some certificates in it, such as U, UA, A and hardly even have seen our S film certificate – a lot of people do not know who issues these certificates given in films. is? And what is the meaning of these Film certificate? In such a situation, if you also have a question like this.
So here you will get the complete information about the movie certification and its meaning and we will try our best to get all the questions related to the certification received by Bollywood movie today.

Perhaps you do not know, but if a person knows the meaning of a Movie certificate, then he can only see by looking at the certificate which film is made for which kind of people. As such, there is a category A / and certificate. Only people 18 years or above can watch the movie. For this, there is no movie in this category for those younger.
All films made in India, be it from Bollywood, South Movie, Marathi, or any industry, it is necessary to get certification to release them in the cinema. No movie can be released in cinema without a certificate and all of it is designed to manage the Central Board of Film Certification.

The job of a film certification board is to watch films and give them a certificate based on their scene and story and for this, the film certification board has made a 4 way movie certificate.

U: Unrestricted public exhibition (suitable for all age groups).
U / A: Parental guidance for children under age 12.
A: Restricted to adults (suitable for 18 years and above.).
S: Restricted to a specialized groups of people, such as engineers, doctors or scientists.

1. U/अ Certificate:

It is the most common movie certificate and in most movies, you get to see the same U / A certificate. This means that anyone above the age of 7 years can see the U / A certificate movie. It does not have any kind of retraction which you see in the cinema of all actors like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, they have got U / A certificate

What is Film Certificate U
Film Certificate U

3. A/व and Certificate:

A Certificate If the film board has given an A / C certificate to a movie, then it means that only people 18 years or above can watch this movie. A / and Certificate falls in the category of Adults and such films are rarely seen in theaters. But every year thousands of films are made in the country, such as A / and Certificate is given. Those who are good actors, they are reluctant to work in this certificate movie because it falls in the adult category and they feel that this will lead to an audience impression that will not be good for their career.

What is Film Certificate A
Film Certificate A

2. UA/अव Certificate:

There are many common movies that the children do not understand and for this, a guide is needed from the elders. Such a movie gets a certificate UA / Ava and it means that there are some scenes in the film that children cannot understand and if you go to see a movie with this certificate in the cinema then for a 12-year-old child It is necessary to have a guide.

What is Film Certificate UA
Film Certificate UA

4. S Certificate:

S Certificate means special and S Certificate films are only for special group people like Doctor, Engineer and Scientist. Movies in this category are not meant for the common people and perhaps we have not heard the name of this category because it is released only in a special cinema and special people watch it. As if there is a medical-related movie, only doctors can see it because it is suitable for them.

What is Film Certificate S
Film Certificate S

When did the film certificate begin?

Filming in India started long ago, but at that time there was no government regulation that gives certificates to films. But when many films started to be made and Bollywood and local films started to be made all over the country, there was a need for a regulatory authority that could control them. In 1920, the Indian Cinematograph Act came.

After independence, it was made the Central Board of Film Censors, which gives a certificate to the film and this institution also decides which film will be released in cinema and which not, along with the scene shown in the films. This is what the control does. If there is an objectionable scene in a movie, then the film board removes it.

The main task of the film board is that no director should release such a movie in the cinema which causes chaos in the society and people are against any religion, caste, but still many such movies are released which are banned in many state They are done.

Friends, here we have told what is the U, UA, and A certificate in the films, and if a movie gets one of these three certificates then what does that mean, hope you have liked the information if you have any questions. Or if you have a suggestion, you can give information about it in the comment.