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What is PDF Full Form and Its Type

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Hey, today I am going to explore the most used document file format. The file format is nothing other than PDF. Do you know what is PDF Full Form? If you don’t know, don’t worry. I will fit it in your mind. 

The main use of PDF is to display any document as an electronic form document. Before knowing the full form, you need to know some important things about PDF.

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What is the Full form of PDF?

So the word PDF stands for Portable Document Format.

P – Portable
D – Document
F – Format

PDF full form
PDF full form

PDF is established by the company named Adobe in 1993. As you know Adobe is a multinational IT company. Which works to develop hardware and software.

PDF is portable and every operating system can deal with it in a similar way. You can read PDF in any type of operating system like Windows, Linux, ubuntu, android, and so on.

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The extension of the PDF for the file is .pdf. Any PDF reader application or software  If you want to read a PDF file, your first need is a PDF reader. There are many PDF reader applications and software are available on the internet. 

A billion people use PDF for many reasons. Some of those use for business purposes and some of those use for education purposes.

Types of PDF files

There are three main types of PDF file as follows – 

1. Digitally made PDF – Suppose you created a document or Word file or Excel shit and you save as file as PDF. Or you save a File using the print feature and save a file as PDF makes your file digitally made PDF file. You can easily edit these types of files. You can also search the text in these files.

2. Scanned PDF – You have a hard copy of the image or document. If you want to make its PDF, simply scan it with a scanner or capture a photo of that document and create PDF. You can not edit those types of files. You can not search in its text.

3. Searchable PDF – This PDF file also images only PDF file but you can search in its text because this PDF has made using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application. This type of PDF has two-layered text that’s why it allows searching text.

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What are the uses of PDF Files?

1. As you know, when you transfer text, image, MS Word, MS Excel file from one device to another device, it doesn’t constant as its initial position due to some technical reasons. You find format changes and layout changes in Text, MS Word and MS Excel. Image file lost its resolution. If you replaced the file format and transferred it, the file won’t get reduced and won’t lose its resolution.

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Suppose you have an advanced PC with the latest operating system. You transfer the file to someone who has an old version PC. That PC has not advanced system and latest fonts like your PC. This becomes the reason by which your file loses its layout. 

This can make a big problem. To make your work faster, you use PDF. 

2. We can use PDF to transfer files from one place to another.

3. It is easy to read. You can open the PDF files on mobile, tablet, and computer too.

4. Another important use is you can create easily a hard copy of a PDF. PDF is the most convenient format to make the print.

5. Nowadays, digital official documents, legal documents, magazines, e-books, and much more found in PDF files.

6. Electronic signature is also found in the PDF file. You can also use a watermark in PDF. 

7. Job websites and government website ask you for PDF file if you want to upload on their website.

The advantage to using a PDF file 

1. The first benefit to use PDF is you can use PDF on any computer, any mobile, and any operating system.

2. You won’t find any changes when you open PDF on another device. The font of the text file, MS Word file, MS Excel file stay constant as its initial position. Your graphics and image stay constant as its initial position.

3. One other important use of PDF is you can stick a password to your PDF file. If your PDF captured by the wrong person, won’t worry, he can not open your file to read.

4. You can compress PDF to reduce its size. Don’t think if you compress PDF, your graphics and images lose resolution. It doesn’t happen. 

5. You can put links in a PDF file. Which works as a live link. 

6. As PDF is the most famous file format, therefore, there are much official and unofficial software and applications available on the internet. If you use a chrome browser you don’t need any third-party application to read PDF. 


The main motive for the establishment of PDF is to protect file format. File stay constant in every type of system or computer. Users can use a file without losing its resolutions and without changing in file layout.

If you want to share the privacy-protected documents from your computer to another computer, you have to choose a PDF file. You can make your PDF file password protected. Therefore, you can call PDF the safest file format. 

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