What Is Software Process And Its Types

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What is Software Process? Running a system requires both hardware and software. This technology world cannot operate without software. Just as intelligence is needed to run a body, similarly we need software systems to properly operate all industries, financial systems, scientific labs, infrastructures and utilities, games, film, television, etc. Is required

What is Software Process
What is Software Process

Now the question arises that what is the process of making these software, that is, how can they be made. Today’s topic is also our same, what is this software process? At the same time, a process is required to make all the things, in the same way there is also a process of making software, which we call Software Process.

You may have a little knowledge about Softwares, but do you know what this software process is in Hindi. If not, then you should read this article today, what is a software process, why today we will also learn about the software process, their models and characteristics along with software. Then let’s start without delay.

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What is Software Process
What is Software?
There are mainly four activities in any software process.
What is Software Process Models
Types of Software Process Models
What is the Characteristics of Software Process
What are the components of software process
The following tasks are done in the Process Management Process such as
What is Process Framework
What is the definition of Software Process?
What is Software Process Model?
What are the elements of software process?
Why do we need a Software Development Process?

What is Software Process?

What is Software Process
What is Software Process

Software process (also called software methodology) is a set of related activities which ultimately helps in the production of a software. In these activities, either the development of the software is done from scratch or a mejuda system is modified.

What is Software?

A software is a type of computer programs that contains associated documents as well as configuration data that helps the programs to operate properly.

A program is also a set of instructions (written in human-readable code) and it performs only one specific task.

There Are Mainly Four Activities In Any Software Process.

Let us know about the four activities of Software Process

Software Specification: It defines the main functionalities of the software and the constraints around them. In this, customers and engineers collect and analyze the feature, workflow, operational constraints or limitations of a final software product.

This part is very common in all software processes, whether it is big or small or how complex it is.

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Software Design and Implementation: Software is designed and programmed. After doing all the specifications, the goal of the software products is now fixed, engineers now have to develop the software in which they have to implement all the artworks, audio and visual elements needed along with coding as well in that software product. .

Software Verification and Validation: Software should work according to its specification and it should also fulfill the needs of the customers.

Software product has to be checked first for mejuda bugs, incomplete for unavailable features etc. But software validation can be done in small software after software development, and can also be done multiple times (milestones) if needed during the software development phase.

Software Evolution (or software maintenance): In this the software is modified keeping in view the customer demand and market requirements change.

It can take up to several years for a software product to develop completely. Meanwhile, specifications, feature requirements etc. can be changed as per the requirement. Some of these features can be add, remove or change. This is the process where software is developed and they are made even better.

What is Software Process Models?

A software process model is an abstract representation of a software process. Many general process models are introduced in this and are presented from an architectural viewpoint.

What is Software Process
What is Software Process

These models are used to explain different approaches. They are also considered process frameworks that are extended and adapted to create more specific software engineering processes.

Types of Software Process Models

Let us know about different process models of Software Process

The Waterfall Model

In this model of software process, software processes fundamental process activities of specification, development, validation and evolution and are represented at the basis of sequential process phases such as requirements specification, software design, implementation, testing etc.

Evolutionary Development

In this approach, it interleave the specification, development and validation of the remaining activities. An initial system develops very rapidly from abstract specifications. After that the initial system is refined more to produce such system from customer inputs that satisfy customer needs.

Component-Based Software Engineering

The process models that follow this approach are based on the existence of significant number of reusable components. In this, the system development process focuses more on integrating these components into a system rather than developing them.

The three generic process models mentioned above are widely used in current software engineering practice. They are not mutually exclusive and are used mostly together, especially for large systems development.

In a larger system within sub-systems, they are developed using different approaches. So even though it is convenient to discuss them separately, but in practice, they are often combined.

What is the Characteristics of Software Process

Let us know about the characteristics of software processes.

UnderstandabilityTo the extent that the process is defined clearly and the ease with which the process definition can be understood.
VisibilityIn this, the process activities are fully culminated in clear results so that the progress of the process can be externally visible.
SupportabilityThe extent to which CASE tools support process activities.
AcceptabilityTo the extent where the process is acceptable and usable by the Engineers and also responsible for producing the software product.
ReliabilityIt is called the manner in which the process is designed in such a way that errors in the process are avoided or trapped so that they do not appear in the final products.
RobustnessThe process is prepared in such a way that the process can continue no matter how many unexpected problems arise.
MaintainabilityThe process has been designed in such a way that it can evolve itself and reflect the changing organizational requirements as well as identify the process improvements.
RapidityThis is called the speed with which the complete software can be delivered with the given specifications.

What are the components of Software Process?

The main objective of a software process is to develop a product, which fulfills all the requirements of the user. The major components of a software process are a process management process and a product engineering process.

The main aim of Process Management Process (PMP) is to improve software processes, so that a cost-effective and high-quality product can be developed. Existing processes of Completed Projects are examined for this.

The following tasks are done in the Process Management Process such as

Comprehend the existing process, analyze their properties, determine how they can be improved, and effect improvement later. All these processes are done in PMP.

A group, also called Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), performs all the activities of process management.

At the same time, according to the analysis mentioned above, the product engineering processes are improved, so that the software process is improved.

The aim of the product engineering process is how to develop the product according to user requirements.

This product engineering process mainly consists of three major components, which are listed below.

Development process

This is a process that is used during the development of the software. These specify development and quality assurance activities that are performed. Programmers, designers, testing personnel, etc. perform these processes.

Project Management Process

It is concerned with the set of activities that are used to accomplish a set of goals. It provides means to plan, organize and control allocated resources and thereby to meet project cost, time and performance objectives.

To do this, many processes, techniques and tools are used to achieve the objectives of projetcs. The Project Management team performs all activities for this process.

Configuration Control Process

It manages the changes that occur as a result of modifying the requirements. At the same time, it also maintains the integrity of the products when the requirements are also changed.

Here the activities of Configuration Control Processes are performed by a group which is also called Configuration Control Board (CCB).

Note Both Project Management Process and Configuration Control Process depend on the Developement Process. Where the goal of the management process is to control the development process, in which it depends on the activities of the developement process.

What is the Process Framework?

Process framework determines which processes are essential to complete a complex software project.

This framework identifies some activities, also called framework activities, it is applicable to all software projects no matter of type and complexity.

What are the Activities of the Process Framework?

If seen, there are many activities in the process framework, but we will learn about some activities here.

What is Software Process
What is Software Process

1. Communication: It communicates properly with the users so that they can understand the requirements correctly.

2. Planning: In this, a plan is established to accomplish that project. In which the schedule of the project is described, the technical tasks used in it, expected risks, and the resources needed.

3. Modeling: It also takes care of the creation of models, allowing the developer and user to understand what the software requirements are and all the designs so that those requirements can be met.

4. Construction: In this, the generation of code is combined with testing so that it can uncover all the errors in the code.

5. Deployment: It imply that the final product (software) should be properly delivered to the user. Then the user evaluates the delivered product and provides feedback based on that evaluation.

What is the definition of Software Process?

Software Process is a set of activities by which a software engineer finally creates a software product. Often these software processes are done by software engineers only.

What is Software Process Model?

The Software Process Model is an abstract representation, a process in which a description of a process is presented from some particular point of view.

What are the elements of software process?

There are mainly five elements of the Software Process. These are Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Source Control, Automated Testing, Automated Build and Defect Management.

Why do we need a Software Development Process?

Software Development Process provides us with guidelines through which effective management control can be achieved. By performing a perfect SDLC correctly, software developers can easily build a functional business system. This process starts with decision making and ends by going to deployment.

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