What is Thailam in Ayurveda?

What is Thailam in Ayurveda?

Thailam is the Ayurvedic oil or Tailam. These special oils are prepared through the process of mixing different types of herbs that are really beneficial for your good health and body.

The base ingredients for these Ayurvedic oils or Thailam are coconut oil and sesame oil. These oils are really beneficial for one’s hair health. In some cases, mustard oil is also used as the base oil.

Composition of Thailam

  • Liquid Media (Drava Dravya)

It can be herbal juice or decoction

  • Base oil ( Sneha Dravya)

It is actually the base oil, and in many cases, sesame oil is used.

  • Natural perfume (Gandha Dravya)

Though it is not an essential part, sometimes it is added to give a special smell.

  • Herbal Paste

Fine paste prepared with some fresh and natural herbs.

All of these ingredients need to be fresh and need to carry some medicinal qualities as well. However, those dried herbs which are used in this mixture should not exceed six months.

Some important methods of preparing Thailam

The preparation process of this Thailam is also known as the Taila Kalpana. The steps of this Taila Kalpana process are:

Taila Murcchana

It is a very important process when you are thinking about developing a beneficial Thailam. This process can easily increase the medicinal and therapeutic properties of this Thailam or Ayurvedic oil. This can also help you by eliminating the bad smell of the crude base oil or Sneha Dravya.

The actual purpose of this process is to remove the impurities of the base oil. As per some studies, this process can also help you by reducing the acidic properties of the oil.

The steps of the procedure

  • First, the base oil needs to be heated till it stops forming any bubbles. Then, the oil should be removed from the heat.
  • Now the mixture needs to be added in the specific ratio. Then, the base oil needs to be stirred continuously to avoid burning. This process needs to be continued till the base oil turns smokeless.

The Sneha Paka process

  • In this process, the extract of the medicinal herbs is taken. Then the oil is properly processed through the Murchana process.
  • After that, the base oil, the paste of herbs, and the Liquid media are added.
  • Next, heat the mixture on a very low flame till the watery portion gets evaporated. Also, remember to stir the entire mixture to avoid charring.

How does the Thailam work?

These Thailams have some special qualities that help them to work effectively. These oils can enter the body and work on the layers of tissues. As different oils have different properties, they also work differently.

What are the health benefits of Thailam or Ayurvedic oils?

Some of the Ayurvedic oils offer some amazing health benefits if used properly. As those help in maintaining natural health and shine to your hair and skin. Some of those important benefits are:

1. Calms the emotions and helps in maintaining the good health of your cognitive power.

2. Helps a lot by inducing calm and undisturbed sleep.

3. Offers good health and strength to the hair.

4. Makes the skin healthy and glowing at any season.

So, it is very clear from the points mentioned above that Thailam or Ayurvedic oil is a very crucial ingredient if we want to have a healthy lifestyle and gorgeous look without any side effects.