Why should you order medicine online from Truemeds?

Getting ready, leaving your house, and making an effort to purchase medicines from a nearby medical shop sounds so inconvenient. The Truemeds’ app to order medicines has made purchasing from a local pharmacy an outdated job.

Now, all you need to do to order medicine online is to click on your phone to open the app. 

Why should you use the app to order medicines from Truemeds? 

  • Have you ever had the satisfaction of buying something without even moving your legs? You get the same satisfaction from Truemeds when you order medicine online from them. This app to order medicines is for everyone. It is always a complete check when you order medicines from Truemeds.
  • Sparing an hour from your job to go to a local pharmacy and waiting in the queue to buy medicines seems dreadful, especially when you have a busy schedule. Don’t be tense and order medicine online from Truemeds, which will take a maximum of five minutes. 
  • Have you heard of medicine’s door delivery? With Truemeds, you just need to open your door to get your delivered medicines. In the time of covid-19, the delivery executives take full precautions and deliver fully sanitized medicines at your door without involving any interaction.
  • According to the health department of India, selling medicines without a prescription is dangerous and could turn into a life-threatening situation. The app to order medicines only sells medicines with a valid prescription
  • Are you sure about your local pharmacy’s registration? Does it sell government-approved medicines? Truemeds is registered by the government’s registrar of companies (RoC-Kanpur) and sells CDSCO tested and approved medicines. 
  • A huge discount on medicines does seem too good to be true. But, with the app to order medicines from Truemeds, a discount on medicines by up to 72% is 100% true!
  • Do you get a range of choices when buying medicines from your local store? If you do, how many, 4 or 5? With Truemeds, you get medicines from the top 30 drug manufacturers. Isn’t it a lot of choices?
  • Your local pharmacist isn’t qualified for consultation. Even if he is qualified for consultation, the service won’t be of free cost. 
  • Easy returns and refunds sound impossible with online shopping. But, in case of any mistakes from the app to order medicines from Truemeds, medicines are easily exchangeable and returnable.

Now, you know why you need to order medicine online from Truemeds, right?