MYPALLETMARKETJS BHD is extremely environmentally conscious. The wooden pallet recycling program is a key business practice. It is vital that every business contributes to the implementation of sustainable and environmentally-friendly processes and procedures.

We have 25 years of experience in waste management and can manage the collection of Wooden Pallet on behalf of many businesses throughout the country. We are experts in wood pallet recycling and can help keep landfills clear of wasteful materials.

You can now focus on your business while we handle any unwanted pallets. Contact us today for more information about our wood pallet recycling service.

Our Service

Sometimes, the pallets that we collect are too damaged for repair. The pallet dismantler will take the pallets out of your truck and make them into reusable parts. Any pallets that are too large or difficult to dismantle or use will be sent to a chipping plant.

We will recycle or reuse all pallets that you send us. To store and transport your goods more efficiently, you can use old or new wooden pallets.

All environmental regulations and standards are adhered to at all times. We have implemented a quality control system and environment control system that are compliant with ISO 9001:2015.

Each employee and each person in the company are informed about the Quality and Environmental Management System’s objectives and goals. They are encouraged and expected to suggest improvement

Wooden Pallet Recycling: Benefits

MYPALLETMARKET sold 235,000 refurbished wooden boxes which were put into service in 2019. We also shipped 37 tonnes worth of wood chips that were then turned into wood chip. These wood chips are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Based on estimates, 235,000 wooden pallets could store approximately 159 artic loads. This would save around 8,800 trees

Environmental Impact

Timber offcuts from high-end products can be used to make timber pallets. They can be reused multiple time because they are made of such a wide-recycled product. Only 5% end in landfills. At least 95% are used products. They will eventually become degraded and have little or no impact on our environment.

The exception is a small quantity that ends up in landfills. Our society must be concerned about global warming. Sustainability is an integral part of our daily lives. You can take an active part in conserving the planet with our pallets. Reconditioned wooden pallets are a great choice for their durability and high performance. You should not recycled pallets. For your benefit, each pallet is made to the highest quality standards.

Wooden Pallet Recycling

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