A Brief History of Tantric Massages

Most people when they get stressed from a week’s worth of work would want to spend the weekend at home kicking it back and lazing off the day to burn off their fatigue build-up throughout the week. Other people would want to spend the weekend relaxing by doing their hobbies such as playing a bit of sports, jogging, biking and the like. At the end of the day however you would still feel sore and tired all over. A perfect way to burn off the weekend stress is by getting a massage done as there are a lot of varieties available such as a Swedish massage or a Tantric Massage.

Why a Massage?

To put it into simple terms, a massage is a treatment for bodily stress and pains typically done with the usage of hands or instruments. It’s a generally term for stroking, rubbing, kneading and pressing of different body tissues, skin, tendon and ligaments in an attempt to ease the tension it has built up over a time period in order to relax the body part and the patient receiving it.

A massage is a perfect way to treat your body to some TLC as a way to de-stress it or alleviate certain medical issues such as sprain and the like. Unless for therapeutic reasons, you don’t have to constantly have a massage every day or too often as too much can actually lead to muscle strain with pain and potential injury

What is a Tantric Massage?

There are a lot of different kinds of massages a person can avail and experience with each different type having various techniques and strong points. The most common type of massages that most people, especially newbies, would experience is the Swedish massage which as gentler type of massage used to relax the entire body through the use of techniques involving long gliding strokes to help ease and relax the muscles while also guiding the direction of blood returning to the heart.

A deviation from the typical massage services, a tantric massage is a performed throughout the entire body but is particularly focused on the erogenous zones.  Tantric massages originated from Hindu books where the main object is to achieve personal fulfillment through the stimulation of energy within the body, which is easily reached through sexual pleasure. It is a form of personal growth achieved through physical pleasure.

How is a Tantric Massage Done?

A tantric massage is an erotic massage that incorporates soft and relaxing movements on different erogenous zones such as the mouth, chest and the privates. It also includes other techniques from other types of massages and body therapy such as yoga, bioenergetics and sexual therapy.

The massage aims to relax the body along with the mind by sending signals of pleasure throughout the body. The massage is said to be able to activate a state of meditation where our thoughts are at ease and everything, we feel afterwards are intensified twofold. 

Who can have a Tantric Massage Done?

From what you might’ve read and may have conclude, men are the typical customers for this type of massage as the specialist for this type of massage are typically masseuses. However, this type of massage isn’t only for men as women can also have this massage performed on them and can even be used as couples as a form of couple therapy or an activity to enjoy together with.

The main reason for this is because in a tantric massage it is not as focused on the sexual aspect of the massage but is primarily focused on the outcome that both the client and masseuse would want to achieve. It is simply a means to an end in a world where there are many other ways available.

Tantric Massages for Women?

We previously mentioned that men aren’t the only ones that can experience and receive this massage, but women are also allowed to partake in it. Although the massage specialist is also a woman and it can be pretty awkward if you are not quick to the uptake or just have some reservation but women clients can enjoy the massage just as much as men.

For starters women can achieve more sensation and enjoyment that is more diverse and unique compared to men. This is mostly because a woman’s body has more erogenous points that don’t even have to be sexual in nature and doesn’t involve having to touch the genital area.  This allows the stimulation and feeling of pleasure that is entirely unique. Another thing to consider is that the masseuse would be able to understand your body more than anyone as you belong to the same sex and the awkward atmosphere from before will eventually disappear as if nothing was there when you work together to achieve bodily and mental relaxation.

What Makes Tantric Massages Special?

In a tantric massage, other than the pleasure involved, it aims to relieve and relax the client. A client’s duty is to receive the massage and allow themselves to indulge and surrender to the sensation their body is feeling. It acts a way to discovery and re-discovery of one’s senses, feelings and emotions. The massage process allows the combination of the state of being healthy and the feeling of being in deep relaxation with well-being. It can also help people understand and overcome any overlaying or underlaying issues related to their interpersonal relationships, sexual life, self-esteem and confidence.

 A tantric massage is by all means, not a sexual exchange like that of someone you would who would work in the industry but is an entirely therapeutic experience meant for the receiver to achieve a state of being calm and being in Zen that it makes them be able to put aside different thoughts that would otherwise disturb the peace-like state they achieved. This is made possible through the language of pleasure and sexual energy which is why it is important tot focus on each touch, gentle stroke, caress and bodily sensation and impulses.